The 10 Best 1990’s Slow Jams

    January 25, 2011 at 5:00 am

    My college roommate was THE authority on 90’s jams. The end all authority. He had mix tape after mix tape after cassette single of grinding jams. Enough to fill two shoe boxes and his glove compartment. About a year ago, as a joke, he mailed me a tape he made Freshman year. Man, did it take me back. Man did I wish I’d gotten laid back then because the songs would have meant even more.

    I started checking out songs on YouTube and thought a list of the ten best 90’s slow jams would be a fun idea. This list is my opinion. I’m sure people will have complaints and want to include songs but, tough turds, I’m running this damn blog.

    Here are the ten best jams. Grab your best girl, put your hands on her shoulders, stand as far apart as possible and just rock to the music middle-school slow dance style.

    1. Rex says:

      Pony … Wooowwww … so many boners from that song

    2. The Eggman says:

      Oh man you are making me want to impregnate someone!

    3. Billyb says:

      I wish Meet Me Halfway was made in the 90s.

    4. Krysten M says:

      The slow jams from back in the day, ahh yea. The songs today “Can’t Touch This”. (Pun intended).
      You may also remember, “Comforter” by Silk/”Come and Talk to Me”, by Jodeci/Sweet Thing (Mary J Blige did the Chaka Khan remake).. and one of my FAV’s..New Edition, “Can you Stand the Rain”.

      I suddenly am feeling mad deja vu. Is someone spraying RAVE hairspray? I’m looking at my Swatch watch and think “I Adore Mi Amor!” (Color Me Bad) <~~~they weren't so bad. What ever happened to them? Wasn't one of them on a MTV/VH1 weight loss reality show?

      Thanks for this. It's good to read articles that take us back to the day when members of Jodeci were hot (and not getting arrested at Subway) and auto tune wasn't yet discovered (people just got caught lip synching). Girl, you know it's true…eww eww I love you" (Milli Vanilli)

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