What Is Kate Gosselin Thinking About?

    January 24, 2011 at 5:00 am

    Kate Gosselin is probably the most annoying mother on television. She is a mother in two ways, a biological mother and a mother f*****. She is all that is wrong with the world of celebrity.

    Because she is so hated, it’s always fun to get to see her in pictures like the one above. It makes a person wonder “what exactly is making Kate make the same face people think when they see her?”

    Here are six things Kate’s face is really saying to the world.

    “Wait, I’ve got to pay for all of them to go to college!”

    Money is tight around the house now that momma is pulling in a ton of money for appearances, talks, books and everything else she did making money while whoring out her family. She just realized every child has to go to college and they can’t all split a box of Crayola crayons to fill out college applications.

    “How much is left in savings?”

    Maybe the kids will be sharing a box of crayons this time around. Ouch. How much money is left? Ok, make it half a box.

    “What our the ratings numbers?”

    Does anyone watch the show anymore? Yes. Ten people. Think about it.

    “I’ve got to have another kid to stay relevant?”

    It’s just like any other TV show, they’ve got to introduce fresh characters, but since no one will work with Adolph Gosselin she is going to have to get creative. One more kid. Like the Duggars. That’s it! Move in with the Duggars!

    “That’s what people think of me?”

    Even the most loathed of celebs have their “yes men” hanging around. The people that love and fawn over them no matter the situation. But what happens when the money dries up and even those people go away? Maybe we’d all look like this in that situation.

    “You mean I might have to get a real job?!?”

    The celebrity part of the ride is pretty much over. No more reality show appearances, dancing around like a robot, and making 10K an episode. The kids have to eat. And don’t look to Jon for money, they guy stopped being popular the same time his Ed Hardy wardrobe went out of style.

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