The Six Most Embarrassing Gym Moments

    January 19, 2011 at 6:00 am

    Bring up the subject of embarrassing moments at the gym and it’s amazing the stories you hear.  It’s clear that the gym is a prime spot for embarrassing moments.  Sweaty people flailing around with large, heavy machinery sometimes has disastrous consequences.

    Whether it’s passing gas in yoga class or bonking yourself on the head with a weight, you can bet someone else has done it.  Here are six incredibly awful moments we all may have encountered at some point…..

    The Embarrassing Weight Lifting Incident

    Choosing the right amount of weight is tough and being at the gym makes us all more competitive. That can be a good thing – you push yourself harder than you would if were by yourself. It’s a bad thing, however, when you choose a weight that’s too heavy. You risk injury, embarrassment and a bad workout.

    Sweat Showing in the Wrong Places

    Sweating is normal when you’re exercising, but some people worry they’re sweating too much or get embarrassed if sweat stains show up in uncomfortable places. Sweating is your body’s way of cooling itself and no one expects you to be fresh as a daisy at the gym. Sweat shows up everywhere – the armpits, chest, lower back and, yes, sometimes the groin or the rear end.

    Farting By Accident

    You’re in a deadly quiet yoga class. You’re breathing, you’re downward dogging and – whoops – now you’re farting. Even worse, it’s loud enough to rip the fabric of the space-time continuum. Farting can happen anywhere, but never is it more common than at the gym. All that jostling gets your guts stirred up, often leading to unexpected and unstoppable gaseous emissions.

    Falling off the Treadmill

    Walk or run on any moving surface, such as a treadmill, and you increase your chances for a crash and burn. Factor in iPods, water bottles and towels and you add more tasks and objects that interfere with your ability to walk straight. If you do fall and you’re not injured, count yourself lucky and give yourself points for entertaining other gym-goers.

    Getting the Wrong Machine

    The gym is a mysterious place, full of shiny machines that don’t make sense to the naked eye. Most of us have probably approached a new machine and started pushing buttons, only to find it won’t go. If you’ve done this, you’ve probably felt eyes burning into you as you struggled with this odd contraption, but there are ways to avoid embarrassment.

    Seeing People Naked

    If your gym is close to work, chances are you’ll run into co-workers and, sometimes, this will happen in the locker room at the most inopportune time. It’s awkward seeing a colleague, boss or friend in the buff but, if it does happen, there are ways to handle it that don’t involve quitting or permanent trauma.

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