6 Possible Replacements For Regis Philbin On Live! With Regis and Kelly

    January 19, 2011 at 5:00 am

    The big news yesterday was the announcement on Live! with Regis and Kelly that Regis Philbin is retiring at the end of the summer. Eh. Had to happen eventually. The guy has been on the air since (insert terrible joke here). Now, speculation is flying about who will replace Regis as host. Double Eh.

    Since the discussion has begun, figure I’ll give my choices.

    Howard Stern

    Stern has conquered regular radio and done all he can to help satellite radio survive so why not move on to a bigger medium already? Say what you want about his past antics and some of his off color but hysterical remarks, there is no denying the guy is a hell of an interviewer. He isn’t afraid to ask honest questions of celebs.

    Gary Busey

    Look me right in the eye and tell me people wouldn’t watch Gary Busey on live television for an hour. Go ahead. You can’t because it’s a brilliant idea. Remember his red carpet antics a couples years ago with Jennifer Garner? Imagine that, oh, every single day. TV ratings bonanza.

    NeNe Leakes

    No idea why I’m suggesting this other than the fact I find her funny in a “this is why other countries hate us” type of way. Might be interesting fit with Kelly. Kelly does love the Real Housewives shows. How the hell do I know all this? Someone shoot me.

    Rex Ryan

    Easily the most entertaining man in sports, there is a good chance Rex Ryan could be the most interesting man in morning TV. He wouldn’t actually interview people, just trash talk them before they come out on stage. Plus, the guy is the size of a small car. Watching him get into one of those directors chairs every morning would be unintentionally funny.

    Larry King

    If people thought Regis was old, out of touch and unprepared for a morning talk show with famous guests they’ve haven’t seen the Larry King Show in a long, long time. Well it’s too late now because it was canceled but that’s PERFECT because now Larry has plenty of time on his hands. “You are who? Never heard of you. You’re hot though. Wanna get hitched?”

    Ricky Gervais

    How about making fun of celebs every day? I’m all for it. End of discussion.

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