AM Hot Links – Batcave Deaths, Huge Guns and Silly Ringtones

    January 17, 2011 at 4:00 am

    Click the photo to read 5 reasons there must be corpses buried under the Batcave.

    There are many things buried under the Batcave. There are many things buried under Wayne Manor. Why? Millionaires are crazy. Even before he was a masked vigilante I’m sure Bruce Wayne did some crazy stuff. Know what’s under the mansion for sure? Dead hookers. Hell, I’ve got a couple under my house and I’m broke!

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    The Links

    Amid Controversy, 21-Year-Old Nicki Blue’s Deflowering to Proceed Live on Internet  – [Bro Bible]
    Huge Guns Are Awesome – [Double Viking]
    Britney — Would You Like Toilet Paper with That? – [TMZ]
    King Of Spain Has A Very Silly Ringtone – [AOL News]
    7 Things You Should Never Say Through Social Media – [Guyism]
    The Scariest Grandma in the World – [Uncoached]
    A Guide to Lunchtime Social Groups, Through Life – [College Humor]
    How To Avoid Small Talk With Idiots – [TruTV]
    Happy 100th Birthday, Sailor Jerry! – [The Smoking Jacket]
    Serial Killer Barbie – [The Frisky]
    Stop Or I’ll Beep! – [Holy Taco]
    Kim Kardashian Really Wants You to Know She Has Breasts – [The Superficial]
    Cute Khloe Splashes In The Surf – [DJ Mick]
    When A Parrot Loves A Kitteh – [Super Booyah]
    Megan Fox Keeps It Organically Sexy – [Popoholic]
    Temeca Freeman In Black Lingerie Show – [Egotastic]
    Wipeout: Behind the Balls – [Maxim]
    Jessica-Jane Clement Busts Out The Good Stuff – [Hollywood Tuna]
    Video: Watch Ken Jennings Get Beaten in ‘Jeopardy!’ By a Computer – [Warming Glow]
    Hollywood Saves Americans From Recession With Golden Globes – [Celeb Jihad]

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