Gucci Mane and 6 Other Celebrities With Stupid Face Tattoos

    January 14, 2011 at 5:00 am

    Gucci Mane made news yesterday for getting an ice cream cone tattooed on his face. I’m not even going to read the reasoning because there really is no good reason. He might have justified it to himself but in the eyes of many he looks 32-flavors of dumb.

    Well it’s his life, his face and his wasted money. Can’t change it now. But we can make fun of it, while also taking notice of other idiotic celebs that felt face ink was a good idea.

    Jaimie Foxx

    Let’s start with Foxx because while it’s not technically a face tattoo it’s 1) on the back of the head meaning he’ll never even see it unless he’s in a barber chair 2) he got it at the age of 40 when a man should really know better than to do something so stupid and 3) it’s a tribal band, cool for about five minutes, around 1994 (but only around the arm). Maybe it’s an actual tribal band and he belongs in a band of morons.

    Some Chick From “For The Love Of Ray J”

    I could Google her name but frankly that would be spending too much time on her. I know she was on For The Love Of Ray J which makes her a certified twit. As if the tat wasn’t enough of an indicator.

    Mike Tyson

    Sorry champ, looks stupid. You got it too late too. Would have been helpful towards the end of your career as a bulls-eye.

    Lil Wayne

    Fear God on the eye lids. Also some type of ampersand in the middle of the head. Also, when Wayne looks at his image in the mirror, if you could see his eyelids, they would say Dog Raef. No idea what significance that has on this blog. Just wanted to learn something from all this.

    The Game

    Well the face tat started as some type of butterfly, then it became an LA symbol and now it’s got a red star behind it. Wonder how many times a day people ask why he has the Dodgers symbol on his face.

    This Moron

    While she isn’t technically famous, she became famous for a short time a couple years ago for her face ink. She claims she asked a tattoo artist for three stars, fell asleep, and woke up with Orion’s belt on her face. This teem should have received Orion’s belt across the backside for being so dumb. Three or fifty-six stars she is still a moron a for even asking for one.

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