The 15 Hottest All Girl Bands of All Time

    January 10, 2011 at 6:00 am

    Girls Aloud

    A little while ago Rock the List came out with this 42 girl band pictorial. While I thought the list was pretty solid, 42 seemed like an awfully high number. And sure enough, not even half of the pictures were of the hot quality we’ve all come to know and love here on Ego.

    So I decided to slim it down and find some pictures of my own. And I hope that all you aspiring girl bands out there know something. There are two kinds of girl bands that make it. Bands where the talent is ridiculously high. And then there’s bands where the talent level makes zero difference. It’s just how hot you are.

    So here is a list I’ve made of the 15 hottest all girl bands of all time.

    Girls Aloud

    Girls Aloud

    One name. Cheryl Cole. That is all. Still though. They all have something.

    The Spice Girls


    With the exception of Sporty Spice I was and still am a big fan.

    Baby V.O.X


    Japanese band that dresses slutty? How can you go wrong?

    Pussycat Dolls


    It’s probably the slutty outfits that shade my vision of their real looks but so what? Scherzinger is gorgeous.

    En Vogue


    Admit it. They were hot as hell in their Diva days.



    Girl in the pink. No clue who they are but girl in the pink.

    The Bangles


    Let’s face it, it’s really just Susanna Hoffs, but she’s enough.

    Vanilla Ninja

    Vanilla Ninja

    Please karate chop my penis oh woman to the right.



    I’ll definitely chase their waterfalls.




    The Pierces


    Piercing. Ba dum ching!

    Mediaeval Baebes


    A little dark and mysterious but I’d go through the ritual with them.



    Disney Channel here we come!

    Danity Kane


    3 out of 5 ain’t so bad.

    All Saints


    This isn’t their best picture but this is a badass girls group who looks very hot when they want to.

    *Do I bother giving honorable mention to The Gogos, Wilson Phillips, Destiny’s Child and The Supremes? I don’t know man. I think the ladies up above are much hotter.

    1. What?! What about The Donnas? They’re hotter than All Saints. They totally should have been in this.

    2. You forgot “Celtic Woman.” Granted, they don’t do rock. But they are very easy on the eyes.

    3. Jeff says:

      Baby V.O.X is Korean not Japanese.

    4. Billyb says:

      You had me at Cheryl Tweedy

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