6 Reasons It’s Acceptable For A Guy To Watch “The Bachelor”

    January 6, 2011 at 5:00 am

    In every marriage, there is compromise, especially when it comes to television. I’ll put up with some of her crap if she watches some of the amazing programming I watch that she considers crap. It keeps us happy.

    The wife loves crap reality TV. The Housewives, Top Chef, Jerseylicious and other shows I refuse to let my eyeballs peep. The only exception I’ll make is The Bachelor. It took a long time to get me to agree. At first I thought it was just as bad as the rest. But then I started to notice some things that weren’t so bad for the male viewer.

    Here are 6 reasons it’s acceptable for a guy to watch “The Bachelor”

    The Women Are Ridiculously Good Looking

    It’s amazing how every season producers and the casting people seem to find a fresh crop of gorgeous women. It’s not that the world isn’t full of them, but I figure by this far into it, any normal hot chick would stay far, far away from this potential train wreck. Unless of course they are just a model/actress looking to break into showbiz and are just claiming to want to find love. I’m sure the producers do a pretty good job of sniffing those chicks out though. Couple slip through the cracks.

    The Women Are Ridiculously Good Looking While Wearing Bikinis

    It never fails (probably because the producers make it a part of the show) but sooner or later every hot girl gets half naked. It’s either a pool, jacuzzi or random bikini party. It’s Sunday at 12 pm?? BIKINI TIME!

    The Women Are Ridiculously Crazy (Most Of Them)

    Hot? Check! Less clothing? Check. A couple of real loony tunes in the group. Check! I’m sure part of it comes down to clever editing but I’m also positive most of the time the woman is just nuts. Like Vienna last season; part gold-digger, part wanna-be celeb but mostly just bat-turds crazy.

    The Dates Are Ridiculously Cheesy and Comical

    One minute they are playing catch at Dodger stadium and the next minute they are on a private jet to France. It’s no wonder none of these relationships last. Imagine dating in these exotic places for a month then they are a couple and hiding out from the public while eating Pizza Hut and shopping at Target. It’s not the same when they get home. Anyway, every season the dates get crazier. A couple seasons ago the couple had their own private concert by Chicago. Awkwardly corny.

    It’s A Good Snapshot Of Dating Anywhere

    This is the dating scene in most major cities: good looking woman all chasing after one dude because there are more good looking, smart women than available men. Maybe the people in your dating pool aren’t as drop-dead good looking but it’s the same “stories” as the common man. This chick got burned, this chick is nuts, this guy is dumb as a stump and they are all looking for love.

    This Season The Bachelor Might Get Killed

    The backstory this season is about the Bachelor, Brad, was the guy that left two chick waiting for him a couple seasons back and just bailed. His whole deal now is that he is a “changed man” and he repeated it about a billion times the first episode. If I know my reality show foreshadowing, the viewers will find out later that Brad really hasn’t changed. He might pull the same crap again. Only this time, he will get murdered. Maybe not by the actual contestants, but by anger women viewers who don’t trust him right now to begin with. If he doesn’t choose someone, I’ll kill the bastard. I’m not watching a whole season of this crap for no payoff!

    1. admin says:

      One lucky dude.

    2. KendraLee says:

      Haha — all true and sure they’re good looking but they are way too nuts … get a life with this show

    3. The Eggman says:

      Loser gets naked and I’m in

    4. JWeds says:

      You had me at hot women.

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