‘Peter Brady’ Sued For Assault And Battery; So THAT’S What Really Happened To Marsha’s Nose

    January 6, 2011 at 8:00 am

    (Sung to the Brady Bunch theme) “Here’s a story, of the guy that played Peter Brady, who ended up marrying one very lovely broad. One day he got real mad, at his accountant, allegedly the dude is a fraud.”

    Christopher Knight (best known as “The Brady Bunch’s” Peter) is being sued by his former accountant for assault and battery, RadarOnline.com reports.

    According to the lawsuit filed on Tuesday, Knight, 53, lent money to a company connected with his former accountant, Charlie Netel. Knight then wanted his money back and allegedly “assaulted and committed battery.” Netel’s lawyers also allege that “The Brady Bunch” star “used profanity and stalked and abused Netel.”

    Saw this coming. Ever since he knocked out Buddy Hinton’s teeth, Brady has tasted blood. If he doesn’t watch his step Charlie is going to be selling seashells down by the seashore compliments of some concrete shoes!

    Think I got enough Brady Bunch references into one blog? Me too. Good talk.

    ‘Brady Bunch’ star sued for assault and battery – [Today]

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