Would You Rather? With Intern Anthony

    January 4, 2011 at 11:00 am

    The Christmas holiday and general laziness on the part of this blogger screwed up this week’s Would You Rather? Being a team player, EgoTV’s own intern Anthony stepped in to answer the tough questions. By “step in” I mean I made him do this by threatening to take money from his already measly salary. So basically he really had no choice. He has a blog. I promised a free plug. This is that plug.

    EgoTV: Would you rather? For the next year be pine scented OR smell of new car?

    Intern Anthony: I’d for sure want to have the smell of a new car. Why? Because I haven’t been able to afford a new one in 4 years. The scent is really all I want, not the shinny new automobile.

    EgoTV: In the event of a nuclear war, be one of the only survivors OR be one of the victims that dies instantly?

    Intern Anthony: Like Destiny’s Child said, “I’m a Survivor!” I may be dismembered and completely horrific looking, but at least I’m breathing. As long as my manhood works, I’m a happy camper.

    EgoTV: Live across the street from a biker gang OR in a planned community with hundreds of rules and regulations?

    Intern Anthony: Definitely across the street from a biker gang. Leather, skanky chicks and booze what could possibly be better? Also, I’ve always secretly wanted to break out of my nerd stage and rock out with the hard asses.

    EgoTV: Be caught doing something embarrassing in a photo OR on video?

    Intern Anthony: Photo. Then you can claim it’s been altered. With a video I’d be pumped but would critique everything about myself for looking like a fat kid.

    EgoTV: Have bells go off whenever you fart OR whenever you get a boner?

    Intern Anthony: Bells go off when I got a boner! There is already attention being drawn to it, so why not draw more? Hey, it could even work out in my favor. Most people know when I fart anyway, smells and sounds are a great indicator. Rage on, boner rage on….

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