10 Unconventionally Great Songs by Johnny Cash

    January 4, 2011 at 6:00 am

    Just the other day I was listening to “A Boy named Sue” and I realized that while I think I like Johnny Cash that I might only enjoy just a few of his songs.  Nope, I was wrong.  I’ve listened to many of his songs and I decided the rest of you needed to be aware of them.

    If the only Johnny Cash songs you’re familiar with are “Ring of Fire” and “I Walk the Line”,  then you have to listen to some of these. I hope you’ll discover something new.  Cash was really was a fantastic singer, musician and songwriter.

    Here we go…..

    I See a Darkness

    I’ll bet that most of you reading this have never heard this song.  Neither had I until recently.


    In his later years Cash did fantastic covers, including this song by Nine Inch Nails. He brings such raw emotion to it, and it is especially poignant listening to it now, knowing that he would die soon after.

    Further Up on the Road

    This is one of his more upbeat songs.  At least for Cash is kind of is.

    Solitary Man

    This song has been performed by Cash, Neil Diamond and Chris Isaak.  It’s a tough call to decide who sings it best.  This version is damned good.

    The Mercy Seat

    This Nick Cave song might seem an odd choice for a veteran singer to cover, but when you listen to the lyrics you realize that it fits in perfectly with Cash’s common theme of death and redemption.

    Ain’t No Grave

    Johnny Cash might sing about death pretty often (in fact all the time) but this song is somehow uplifting don’t you think?

    The Man Comes Around

    This song has been used in several films, including the remake of ‘Dawn of the Dead’. It definitely has that apocalyptic quality, and is a true Cash classic.

    The Man Who Wouldn’t Cry

    No matter what happens to the poor protagonist – everything that possibly could go wrong, does! – he still can’t cry.

    The Man in Black

    Well here’s your explanation!

    I Hung My Head

    Great great song.

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