Seven Things to Expect from the Latest Jersey Shore

    December 31, 2010 at 6:00 am

    I, like many of you am glued to the screen in anticipation of the newest season of Jersey Shore.  It looks like the funny bunch (who aren’t even from New Jersey) will be heading back to Seaside Heights to get into more trouble and get paid for being retarded.

    Just in case you haven’t seen the preview I think it’s imperative.  Even though the show promises to be the fakest and most staged season yet, I think it’s going to be absolutely hilarious.

    So if you haven’t seen the show in the past,  here are five things you can expect from the newest installment….

    More Acronyms and Sayings

    GTL?  Grenades?  You know all these sayings and acronyms we’ve all come to love?  I predict they will be even more plentiful this season.  Not only that I’m willing to bet a team of writers has come in to help with all of these.

    Sammi and Ronnie Bullshit

    It’s the same old shit.  We were tired of it in the first two season and we’ll be tired of it this season.  Unless Ronnie actually smacks Sam in the face then I’m not interested.

    Catfights and More Catfights

    Last season the stage was set for JWOWW and Sammy to get down this season.  Not only that, Snooki started to get a little rough too.  Clearly those shows got the best ratings and you know the producers are wanting more girl fights this year.  If it works on Jerry Springer, clearly it’s going to work on the shore.

    Deena Has Sex With Everyone

    What’s the point of bringing in a newcomer if she isn’t going to either A. Fight people or B.  have sex with everyone?  I’m pretty sure that Deena is going to do a little bit of both.

    Plenty of Snooki puke moments

    Look I think she’s funny.  I think she’s amusing.  But come on.  She does make you want to vomit at least once an episode.  And that’s clearly going to happen this year.

    Situation Garbage

    Honest I don’t even know what to add here.  I just know it’s going to be annoying.

    Vinny and Pauly Humor

    These guys stepped up their games in season two and I think Pauly is going to come out with a vengeance this year.   Plenty more comedy and plenty of pranks are going to ensue.  I’m hoping the Situation becomes the odd man out.

    1. Rex says:

      Deena will probably be the messiest one … if you can get messier

    2. The Eggman says:

      I expect Snooki to eat herself thinking she smelled like funnel cake

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