AM Hot Links – Pies To The Face, Wrong Stories and Chest Jiggling

    December 30, 2010 at 4:00 am

    Click the photo to see seven famous people who took a pie to the face (and totally deserved it).

    Is a pie to the face really a big deal? I think only if it ruined a perfectly delicious pie. Unless you’re getting it in the face, then you can enjoy the whole pie. Ever eat a whole pie? I’ve come close. It was mostly whip cream based. It’s the only kind you can eat in its entirety. Downing a whole cherry pie, for instance, would be an awful idea. Know what else is a waster? Pie eating contests. Yes, I’ve got nothing else to talk about and I’m trying to kill time. That obvious?

    People love pie on the EgoTV Facebook page.

    The Links

    9 Major Stories Everyone Got Wrong This Year – [Cracked]
    Danica Thrall Pictures – [Holy Taco]
    Brett Favre Will Be Fined For Penis Photos – [The Superficial]
    Johanna Lundback Looks Good In Lingerie – [DJ Mick]
    California Spa Offers Soothing Vaginal Steam Bath – [Aol News]
    The 10 Greatest Moments In Celebrity Boob Jiggling History – [Manofest]
    Jessica Simpson Looks Like She Really Enjoyed Christmas – [Popoholic]
    Meet Olivia, Our Latest Girl to Bring Home to Mom – [BroBible]
    The Resilience of the Game Boy – [Unreality]
    Nicki Minaj Debuts On Egotastic! Like a King (or Queen) – [Egotastic]
    Jeff Bridges: The Movie – [Maxim]
    New York Sanitation Destroys A Ford – [Double Viking]
    Man Playing Real-Life Frogger Fails To Pass 1st Level – [TruTV]
    VIDEO: This Woman And Her Thighs Could Kill Us All – [Guyism]
    I Support Hugh Hefner’s Decision To Marry A Girl 60 Years Younger Than Him – [Caveman Circus]
    We Miss Bob Ross – [Ned Hardy]
    Vanessa Hudgens’ Sweet Booty – [Hollywood Tuna]
    15 Awesome Real Estate Industry Names – [Uncoached]
    Stephanie Seymour Becomes Relevant Again Thanks To Those Hooters – [Busted Coverage]
    This Is Disturbing – [Warming Glow]

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