Rachel McAdams Somehow Makes Gluttony Seem Sexy

    December 29, 2010 at 8:00 am

    Enough with the “celebrity diet secrets” articles. I’ll sum them all up so they never get published again; the key to a great body is diet and exercise. Done. As much as I hate diet stories I love articles about celebs that eat whatever the hell they want. It’s pretty damn sexy. Especially when the person saying it is pretty damn hot.

    Rachel McAdams refuses to watch her waistline during the holiday season because family feasts are a good excuse to break her strict diet.

    The slender star loves indulging in forbidden sweets and treats while joining her family and friends at the dinner table for gatherings, insisting “it’s really all family and food”.

    (Checking through old emails and mail, looking for the misplaced invite to the McAdams home for the holidays. Might have been thrown away with the grocery store circulars.) I’d love to just pig out with McAdams. Throw down some after-holiday sandwich as we smother cranberry sauce all over our…sorry, what was I saying?

    And she’s banned herself from feeling bad about packing on pounds.

    Can she ban herself from feeling bad about dating a low-level blogger from New Jersey with a beer bunt and out of control arm hair? No. What if I threw in a pumpkin pie and leftover stuffing? Come to me Rachel, I’ve got sugar cookies in my pockets.

    Rachel McAdams: ‘I Love To Eat’ – [Star Pulse]

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