Seven Solid Politician Appearances in Movies

    December 23, 2010 at 6:00 am

    What always fun in life is seeing certain things out of context.  While that’s a pretty general statement I’d like to point to something more specific: movies.  It’s normal to see a movie with actors that you know playing the parts we’re accustomed to seeing.

    But it’s another if you see an athlete making a cameo or better yet a political figure.  Their acting is usually terrible and it’s just funny to see them on the silver screen.

    Here are seven solid politician appearances in movies….

    John McCain in Wedding Crashers

    Turns out that John McCain crashed Wedding Crashers.  James Carville is there too, despite McCain’s best efforts to block him.

    Fred Thompson – Everywhere

    Rather than go into the long extensive list of movies he’s been I figured why not just share an awesome compilation.  I happen to have liked him in Days of Thunder as the NASCAR chairman.    But Thompson is a solid actor, period.

    Jesse Ventura – Pick One

    I’d go with either Running Man or Predator here.   Though he’s been in more movies than those.   I have to admit this might be the best movie commercial of all time.

    Al Franken – Trading Places

    This just happens to be his best movie appearance although he was also in Manchurian Candidate.   Remember he was one of the Gorilla handlers? In The Manchurian Candidate (remake), Franken played a TV commentator in a plot swamped with the political undertones of communism, McCarthyism, personal liberties and brainwashing.

    Patrick Leahy – The Dark Knight

    Look to the left and you’ll see him.  He’s bald and has a gun pointed at him. Amongst all the media frenzy, Ledger’s psychopathic Joker, and Christian Bale flying around Hong Kong, it was easy to miss a heroic cameo from Democratic Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy. At Dent’s fundraiser, it’s Leahy who stands up to the Joker and gets a knife to the face. In fact, Leahy is a known Batman enthusiast, having been a voice actor in Batman: The Animated Series

    Al Gore – An Iconvenient Truth

    The man who some say should be president, Al Gore ‘starred’ in An Inconvenient Truth, a hard hitting documentary about the realities of global warming and what it may do to us

    Ronald Reagan – Bedtime for Bonzo

    Bedtime For Bonzo saw Prof. Boyd (Ronald Reagan) kidnap a chimp and move it into his house, to prove its behavior depended on its surroundings, not on heredity. Honestly I just like the fact that Reagan is in a movie with a monkey.

    *Do I even mention Arnold?  I don’t think it’s necessary.  Probably shouldn’t even count.

    Also, we know there are plenty more out there shout ’em out in the comments!

    1. lakawak says:

      Why would Arnold not count, but Ronald Reagan would? And where is Sonny Bono in Casino?

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