7 Celebs That Probably Still Believe In Santa

    December 23, 2010 at 5:00 am

    Everyone learns about the whole Santa ruse at different points in their childhood. Some kids are exposed early to the secret because of a**hole older siblings. Some kids don’t find out until very late because of parents who just don’t know how to let it all go. Other kids just figure it out on their own.

    Then there are those people that look like they still believe. Maybe they are crazy or maybe they just really get into the holiday. Eh, good for them.

    Here are seven celebs that probably still believe in Jolly Old Saint Nick.

    Justin Bieber

    This makes sense considering the kid is like 10-years-old but the way he skyrocketed into super-stardom he must feel like other people are involved. Especially fictional characters that grant wishes and bring gifts. This kid owes thanks to Santa, the Easter Bunny, Jesus and any other deity or holiday character.

    Paris Hilton

    Paris probably still makes a list for Santa, still leaves out milk and cookies and still tries to wait up and catch him in the act. What did she ask for this year? Vaginal rejuvenation and a McDonald’s Drive Thru playset.

    Lady Gaga

    Shocked Gaga hasn’t figured out a way to incorporate the jolly fat man into her clothing. I’m sure she has, I just don’t care to pay that close attention. Gaga probably wants to dress as Santa and deliver nipple covers and dead animal hats to all the good little Gaga fans across the world.

    Taylor Swift

    Swift seems so sweet and innocent she probably not only believes in Santa but writes him a letter every year. Doesn’t ask for gifts. Asks for world peace, cure for disease and three more years of the show Glee. Hate her for that.

    The Jonas Brothers

    If they believe that abstinence is a smart move they probably believe that a man sneaks into houses to give out toys.

    Taylor Momsen

    Fine, looking at her, it seems like she doesn’t even believe in deodorant but listen to the reasoning; ever know one of those people that is so dead set in one way of living that they have this one thing that is so out of the realm of their personality it just kind of makes sense. Think of like a really ignorant racist guy that loves the show Say Yes To The Dress. It makes no sense but seems to make sense on another level. Same as Momsen, she seems like such a miserable broad that she would have this obsession with one thing that stands for the goodness and generosity of a holiday season. Plus she was in The Grinch. Fine, just trying to find something redeeming about the freak.

    Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise will meet Santa and get him to join the cult, I mean, the religion. One of us. One of us.

    1. Rex says:

      Paris Hilton! Yes! She probably thinks he brings her stuff every day

    2. That Dude says:

      Willow Smith has to. She’s Justin’s little sister.

    3. The Eggman says:

      That first chick Justin is pretty hot.

    4. J Bob says:

      I think Mini Me probably does too.

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