10 Amazing Celebrity Impressions by Non Celebrities

    December 22, 2010 at 6:00 am

    I’m always up for a good impersonation. In fact nothing pisses me off more than when someone does a bad impersonation. Not only do you want to tell them to shut up, but the fact that they’re even attempting the impression usually means they think they’re good at it. So that actually pisses me off even more.

    However, when someone gets it right, you definitely have to give them credit. And sometimes you’re even amazed at how accurate their representation of the imitated character is.

    Here are 10 incredibly accurate impersonations by people you wouldn’t recognize.

    Young guy doing Michael Caine

    This is amazing.

    Aries Spears Rap Medley

    There’s no way you could tell these weren’t the real people if you didn’t see this guys face.

    Stewie Griffin

    How old is this kid? His voice is awfully low. Hell of a good job here though.

    Reggie Reg does Denzel Washington


    A Great Al Pacino Impression by Craig Gass

    The “hoo hah” at the end sucked but other than that, damed good.

    I Have No Clue what this is

    But it HAS to be good. The crowd was going ballistic

    Christopher Walken

    It’s only 15 seconds but it works

    Nicholas Cage Impression

    This is amazing.

    Pablo Francisco does the Don LaFontaine

    This guy could easily replace LaFontaine

    Howard Stern

    Dead on

    1. elbruce says:

      The new guy on SNL – Jay Pharoah does a better Denzel than this. He also has a hilarious Will Smith.

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