Eight Awesome Covers of the Zelda Theme Song

    December 21, 2010 at 6:00 am

    It’s one of the most legendary themes in video games:  The Zelda theme song.  So we decided to scour the internet searching for the coolest and most bizarre covers of ths theme that we could find.

    Some are just really talented musicians and some are utilizing pieces of technology ranging from the Russian-born oscillating theremin to synthetic tunes of Mario Paint to the iPhone.  Yup, the iPhone.

    Enjoy, and send us some links for all those we  undoubtedly missed.

    1) The Eleven String Bass

    Maybe next time someone can do 12?

    2) The Dude with a Bunch of Hats

    This is more to make fun of the guy with hats than anything else.

    3) The Theremin

    Awesome.  Simply awesome.

    4) The Actual Ocarina

    So nice isn’t it?

    5) The Dude with Two Guitars

    I wish this guy were more known that just being on Youtube.

    6) The iPhone

    Pretty soon we won’t need instruments.

    7) The String Quartet

    So classy.

    8 ) The Mario Paint Medley


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