Would You Rather? With Comedian Eli Braden

    December 21, 2010 at 11:00 am

    This week, Eli Braden gives his best answers for Would You Rather? Eli has a song to turn around any sad-sack day, or at least make you laugh about it. His latest album The New King Of Music Comedy is available on Amazon and iTunes.

    EgoTV: Would You Rather…Have super sensitive smell OR super sensitive hearing?

    Eli Braden: I’d rather have super sensitive hearing. For no other reason than super sensitive smell would be HORRIBLE at times – you’re usually not THAT far away from a poopy diaper or rotting food, and I wouldn’t wanna be constantly smelling stuff like that.

    EgoTV: For a living, clean silverware with your mouth OR golf balls with your mouth. What do you suppose those careers would make per year?

    Eli Braden: Cleaning golf balls would probably pay better. No one wants their dirty silverware “cleaned” in someone else’s mouth – while mouth-cleaning golf balls might actually be fairly effective.  I’d rather clean the golf balls anyway – seems like it’d be pretty easy to get a nice rhythm going.

    EgoTV: Go to a lousy open-mike comedy night every night of the week OR an embarrassing karaoke bar every night of the week? I’m sure you’ve done karaoke, what song do you always pick?

    Eli Braden: I’d go with karaoke – I’ve been to plenty of comedy open mikes, and “comedy” is too strong a word to describe most of them, believe me. My go-to karaoke jam is “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson – it always gets the girls crazy.

    EgoTV: Dress like Spock from Star Trek every day for one year OR like the Joker every day for one year?

    Eli Braden: Probably the Joker – Spock never won an Oscar.

    EgoTV: Every time you orgasm only be able to do Popeye’s giggle OR beep like the Road Runner?

    Eli Braden: Popeye’s giggle.  What the hell, I’ve already got massive forearms like him from years of masturbation.

    Eli Braden’s latest album The New King Of Music Comedy is available on Amazon and iTunes.

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