7 Female Celebs That Don’t Make Hot Lists (But Really Are Pretty Sexy)

    December 15, 2010 at 5:00 am

    Aniston. Jolie. Fox. Blah, blah, blah the sexiest women in Hollywood lists are getting too damn predictable. Let me get this straight, Kate Winslet is hot? Get out! Who knew. Snorreeee.

    How about mentioning some of the sexy, hot women of Hollywood that don’t always get their just due? They might not be the household name like the other starlets but that doesn’t make them any less attractive.

    Here are 7 celebs that don’t always make the “sexy” list but are still pretty hot.

    Cheryl Hines

    Hines has a unique look and something about it is incredibly sexy. It could be the fact she puts up with Larry David’s character on Curb Your Enthusiasm when any other woman would have killed him years ago.

    Sandra Lee

    The list of attractive Food Network hosts is lengthy (Giada De Laurentiis and Aida Mollenkamp spring to mind) but Sandra Lee deserves her just deserts (cooking pun!). It could be the fact most people hate her cooking and decor style, but Sandra Lee is pretty damn sexy when she starts talking about her tablescape and downing those alcoholic beverages in front of the camera. Also, huge rack. She uses it for roasts. What did you think I meant?

    Julia Stiles

    This is going to sound awful but it’s a compliment: Julia Stiles finally grew into her face. It took a while for her to get out of “Leo DiCaprio” look and become pretty damn hot. She is tall, lean and has a dancers body. Probably because she plays a dancer in about ten movies.

    Laura Linney

    You know that scenario where you go over to a friend’s house for the first time and the friend has this super adorable mom that is kind of coming on to you? Laura Linney is that mom. Linney has always played the quietly sexy role and she seems to almost get hotter with age. I’d hang out at that friends house more. Move in.

    Alison Brie

    This is probably a no-brainer for any Community fans. Brie is the “underrated hot chick” that every guy secretly fantasies about in school. She just seems like the kind of girl that gets naughty when class is dismissed. We’re running out of school analogies.

    Sara Rue

    This all depends on just where she is hovering on the weight scale, because if she is heavy is she cute but when she drops it all she is pretty damn hot. Check back to her short stint on Two and a Half Men a couple years ago for her hottest phase but even now she is pretty damn sexy in those Jenny Craig commercials.

    Angela Kinsey

    Angela on The Office is the hottest chick at Dunder-Mifflin. No contest. Pam is played out, Erin is a little too dorky and Meredith is a slut. This might be a debate if Jan where still on the show, but Angela is the perfect mix of bitchy sex kitten and intelligent lunatic. Sure, her love of cats is a little bit of a turn-off, but we’ve all got our scratching post to bare. Plus have you seen Kinsey in those some of those Clairol commercials. She can guard my head any day. You know what I’m talking about.

    1. im agree… all of them are so sexy for my eyes…

    2. Louis says:

      Alison Brie definitely.

      Laura Linney is a milf for sure.

      Sarah Rue… maybe

      The rest are just too skinny and old, in what universe is Julia Stiles hot or sexy?

    3. tj says:

      Allison Brie is ultra hot (and NOT underrated, she’s everywhere lately) but everyone else on the list is laughable.
      Cheryl Hines? REALLY??

    4. RocknRolla says:

      This is a poor, poor list.

    5. dave says:

      it’s sad when a guy that writes for a living doesn’t know the difference between dessert and desert.

      • WHIT says:

        Was wondering if anyone else was going to call the writer out for that! Terrible!! Also, “debate if Jan where still”…. were versus where. eek.

    6. Nash says:

      Agree with most of the group here. The author is either in his 70’s or has mother issues.

    7. SexPot says:

      Sandra Lee is a great girl … can make anything to eat … perfecto

    8. Steve says:

      Some are either too old, or they’re just cute, not sexy.

    9. sarah says:

      wtf, does laura linney have like…hair on her cleavage?? O_O

    10. I would give up red meat for a taste of Sara Rue.

    11. That Dude says:

      So this is the cougar list?

    12. The Eggman says:

      I’d take all of them. But I’m not picky. Or attractive.

    13. J Bob says:

      I agree with Alison Brie but that’s about it.

      • timb says:

        says the guy in his mom’s basement, reading a “who’s Hot list” on the internet…

      • Goethe says:

        I also agree only with Alison Brie, the first few on the list I’d classify rather as charming and elegant, but some not even that, Sara Rue, hot, seriously? She has a pretty face, but I fail to see any scenari where she could be considered hot.


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