Charlie Sheen’s Seven Best Movie Roles

    December 13, 2010 at 6:00 am

    Give all the attention Charlie Sheen seems to get on a daily basis these days, I figured I’d cut the guy some slack.   Well, he doesn’t deserve any slack getting $2MM an episode for one of the worst shows on television.  And he sure as hell doesn’t get any slack for banging as many hot girls as he does.

    Still though, there was a time when I really liked Charlie Sheen as an actor.  And as such I’ve compiled seven movie roles that I particularly liked him in.


    Wall Street

    We all know it was Gordon Gekko who stole that movie.  But it’s nice to know that Sheen was able to keep up with Michael Douglas and his father in that movie.  Since we was so young and not yet proven I think that Charlie definitely had something to live up to making that movie.  And if any of you saw Wall Street:  Money Never Sleeps, let’s just forget that ever happened.


    This was probably Sheen’s best role of all time.  I mean granted the movie itself was just amazing but it’s not easy having the starring role in a movie as controversial and important as that one.  The entire cast did an excellent job but Sheen certainly held his own.  Plus JOhnny Depp was in it so that’s cool.  He spoke perfect campaigns.   Or at least it sounded like he did.

    Hot Shots

    Remember that I’m not really talking about movies that Sheen was particularly good in.  I’m just talking about his best roles.  And if you think that Topper Harley isn’t a classic character then you’ve got another thing coming.  Ramada!

    Rated X

    I have to admit I kind of liked this movie.  No, it’s not just because of the boobs.  It’s because if there’s a realistic way to depict the life of Charlie Sheen then this movie has to be it.  Give his character a full head of hair and I’m pretty sure you’d have exactly what Charlie Sheen is today.

    Major League

    Ricky Vaughn!  Come on guys.  It’s the Wild Thing.   This has got to be one of if not my favorite Sheen characters in any movie.  And oddly enough I think this could very well be loosely based off of him in real life in the late 80s.  What the hell is going on here?


    Here’s another great time when Charlie was paired with father Martin.  Claims are that the movie was loosely based on their real relationship but who the hell knows.  I just like the plot of a broken down white soldier in the stockades trying to blend in with an all black regiment.

    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


    * By the way I also loved him playing himself in Being John Malkovich

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