Sherri Shepherd Wants To Sex Up Prince And Make Viewers Mouth-Vomit

    December 10, 2010 at 8:00 am

    Everyone has an image in the memory bank used for the sole purpose of getting sexually unaroused; grandma in a two-piece, the starting line-up for the men’s over 60 slow pitch softball All-Americans or Gabourey Sidibe eating cheese. Whatever makes you last longer. Add this image to the mental rolodex: Prince giving it to Sheri Shepherd in her Raspberry Beret.

    Prince surprised and shocked the ladies and the audience of  “The View” Thursday when he made a surprise appearance to present the co-hosts with tickets to his December 18th Madison Square Garden concert.

    Sherri Shepherd was visibly flustered by the surprise, telling Prince, “I have wanted to make love to you my whole life,” causing the shy musician to rush offstage.

    Watch as Shepard has a gasm right on stage.

    Looks like Prince is putting it in the memory bank as well. He ran as fast as those 4’11 legs and high-heeled boots would allow. Hell, we’d all run if Sheri Shepherd approached us with sexual intentions.

    Prince’s appearance was a closely guarded secret between him and Whoopi Goldberg.  Barbara Walters was not told of his visit until this morning.

    “I have been sitting on this secret for a couple of days.” said Goldberg.

    Literally, she was sitting on top of Prince. He is the size of a bar stool.

    Prince Makes Surprise Guest Appearance on The View – [Bitten and Bound]

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