Five Musical Stars Who Will Still Make Tons After Their Demise

    December 10, 2010 at 6:00 am

    Every year Forbes prints out an article that talks about the highest paid dead celebrities.  When you really think about it’s a feature that’s nothing but depressing and something that should just flat out piss off the American public.

    The way I see it?  If these people are making more dead than I am alive then I should just downright want to kill myself.  Truth be told it’s clearly things like estates and royalties that are being paid but still.  It’s kind of twisted don’t you think?

    So for today I decided to focus on 6 music stars that will still rake it in even after they kick….

    Wayne Newton

    Honestly if there’s one guy out there that can be compared to Elvis it’s probably Wayne Newton.  I think that if Elvis were still alive he’d be 100% overweight, have tons of plastic surgery, and be selling out crowds in Vegas every night.  Sound familiar?  I honestly couldn’t tell you one song of Wayne Newton’s but I’m smart enough to know that this guy is a cash cow.  His records will live on forever and Vegas will always have a place for him.

    Paul McCartney

    We already know how popular the Beatles still are and how much their records (and new records) still sell.  If John Lennon is still making a ton of money as a dead celebrity then you know that Paul McCartney is going to do quite well.  Even his non Beatle stuff still sells.

    Billy Joel

    I’m pretty sure that there will never be a musician that can make an entire career based on 10 years of work like Billy Joel has.  I mean you take the late 70s through late 80s and you’ve got Billy Joel kicking ass.  And what does he play in concerts now?  Same stuff.  No one even wants to hear anything else.  He’s the ultimate piano man and I think his records will be selling for at least the next 100 years.  Pretty amazing stuff.

    Pink Floyd

    Every single teenager until the end of time will be listening to The Dark Side of the Moon at least once in their lives.  Pink Floyd might not be making new music but their music isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

    Rolling Stones

    Well that is if these guys ever do in fact die.  Personally I think these guys will be performing well into their 80s and possibly beyond.   Hell they could be bed ridden and on oxygen and I truly believe they would make the effort to be on stage.   Their longevity has made them an icon as living rock stars and it will carry on with them beyond their deaths.

    1. Sarchi says:

      They are all great, but personally I love Pink Floyd and Billy Joel.

    2. PE cures says:

      The top-earning musician on either side of the grave is Michael Jackson, whose estate has raked in $400 million since the King of Pop’s death two years ago

    3. Blogged It says:

      how about tom jones? He was a hit in his time and still doing some shows today.

      Its just bad that he lost a lot of money and now forced to do shows to get money.

    4. Derrick E. says:

      May as well add Aerosmith to that list if the Stones are in it.

    5. boethius says:

      Hundreds of successful artists to choose from and you pick Wayne Newton? Other than “Danke Schoene” who can name one Wayne Newton song? Wayne’s audience will all be dead by the time he dies.

    6. Dudetrino says:

      Richard Wright of Pink Floyd has passed on. RIP Rick!

    7. budee says:

      no contemporary music. lol. that’s awfully telling. could it be cuz it SUKZ da big tamale!!!

    8. That Dude says:

      Who’s Wayne Newton?

    9. The Walrus says:

      Billy Joel’s music has always been dead to me

    10. J Bob says:

      This just made me feel really crappy about myself.

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