Four “Too Accessible” Things That It’s Not Even Fun Anymore

    December 9, 2010 at 6:00 am

    Remember when you were a little kid and you’d search around the house to find your brother or father’s porn stash? Remember how awesome a feeling it was to finally get to that stash?  My point is this.  There’s a large degree of value in doing something you’re not allowed to do.  Not only that, something that is so tough that the reward feels that much better when you achieve your goal.

    However, when such a challenge doesn’t become a challenge anymore, it’s not really much fun.  Know what I mean?  And over the years there are some things that we now have access to that don’t make the challenge of “getting it” fun anymore.

    Here are four such things…..


    It’s almost a joke at this point isn’t it?  Do you remember how fun it used to be when you searched for naked pictures and you finally came across one on the internet?  Remember how cool it used to be to rip a video from places like Napster?  Hell, even having a membership to a porn site was taboo.  Now?  Now there’s about 7 million tube sites where free videos roam.  And not only that, every single word you search on Google will yield naked picture results.  Seriously, EVERY word.  It’s a joke.  Sometimes it’s fun to do things that are against morals.  With porn?  It’s tough to do that these days.

    Prescription Drugs

    It used to be cool to go to other countries on Spring break to get stuff like Xanax.  Now?  Now it’s as easy as entering some fake information online and using Canada.  I used to live for the word “Farmacia.”  Now it’s kind of a joke.


    OK well it’s not that Marijuana wasn’t easily accessible but at least there was a degree of rebellion in purchasing it.  The more and more legal this drug becomes the less fun it’s gonna be to smoke it.   I’m telling you people, watch.  Pretty soon all of Marijuana will be legal and eventually you’ll have to get the illegal stuff laced with Crack if you want to feel special.

    Free Music

    There were days I used to love going to Napster or Limewire to do some illegal downloading when I wanted to make a CD.  Now it’s kind of a joke.  There are countless file sharing sites and I’m at the point where I’d rather pay simple due to the fact that it’s just not fun anymore to pirate music.  I never thought I’d rather pay for something out of sheer boredom but it’s gotten to that point with music.

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