A Gallery Of “Hand Written” Notes

    December 6, 2010 at 1:00 pm

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    I saw this kid the other day in Dunkin Donuts, roughly a freshman or sophomore in high school, with writing all over his hands. I figured it was the answers to a test or the names of numbers of girls in his class. He put his hand up to get the attention of the woman behind the counter and I could make out a couple words “History test. Chap 5-8.” Really kid? You come across at least two thousand sheets of paper in a school day and you can only think to make your hand an “to do list?”

    Of course, I realized later, shuffling though hundreds of notes on my desk that writing crap on my hand would be an easier way to remember things. At least my hands never get lost.

    Here is a gallery of hands with a special message.

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