Fad-Tastic! Candy Cigarettes

    December 1, 2010 at 11:00 am

    There is a reason they are called fads. It’s because they disappeared just as quickly as they blew up in popularity.

    Today’s Subject: Candy cigarettes

    Candy cigarettes were introduced in the early 20th century and made out of either chalky sugar, bubblegum or chocolate and then wrapped in paper to resemble cigarettes. They have long been controversial because critics believe the candy desensitizes children, leading them to become smokers later in life. The selling of candy cigarettes has been banned in several countries such as Finland, Norway, the Republic of Ireland, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

    Some things you might not have known about candy cigarettes:

    “In the United States a ban was considered in 1970 and again in 1991, but was not passed into federal law.” Except we all know what happens when law gets involved with any type of tobacco product, real or fake.

    “The state of North Dakota enacted a ban on candy cigarettes from 1953 until 1967.” More reason to never live in North Dakota.

    “In Canada federal law prohibits candy cigarette branding that resembles real cigarette branding.” More reason to never live….ehh nevermind.

    “The Family Smoking and Prevention Control Act was misquoted as banning candy cigarettes. The Act bans any form of added flavoring in tobacco cigarettes other than menthol. It does not regulate the candy industry.” You got candy in my cigarettes! You got menthol in my candy!

    “Candy cigarettes continue to be manufactured and consumed in many parts of the world. However, many manufacturers now describe their products as candy sticks, bubble gum, or candy.” They call candy by the name candy? Might be the first instance of truth in advertising ever.

    “Popeye Cigarettes marketed using the Popeye character were sold for a while and had red tips (to look like a lit cigarette) before being renamed candy sticks and being manufactured without the red tip.” Well blow me down! with the delicious smoke of tobacco.

    “Also controversial is the bubble pipe is a toy shaped like a tobacco pipe, intended to be used for blowing soap bubbles.” They are much better for smoking ground up candy cigarettes.

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