Six Actors That Could be Headed to A-List Status

    December 1, 2010 at 6:00 am

    It’s been my contention that movies are pretty damned horrible these days.  I’m not necessarily saying it’s the acting but I mean how many remakes are we going to have?  How much technology is going to get in the way of storytelling?  AT what point will we not even need actors anymore?

    I don’t know.  Maybe I’m just a cynic but still.  I just don’t feel that movies are nearly as good as they used to be.  And by used to be I’m talking about movies like A Few Good Men.  When the hell was the last time something that good came out?

    Anyway, maybe these six actors can improve upon a flawed system….

    Garrett Hedlund

    It’s been slow and gradual but this guy keeps getting bigger and bigger.  And now that he’s in Tron Legacy this dude could be well on his way.  I remember first seeing him in Friday Night Lights and I thought he was awesome.  Frankly I didn’t realize the dude was so young.  He’s still not even 30 yet which means in that movie he was barely 20.  I expect big things from young Garrett.

    Olivia Thirlby

    Ever see the movie Juno? I tell ya I was kind of attracted to this girl in that movie.  Does that make me some kind of a pervert?  Eh, I don’t think so.  After all she had a crush on her teacher in that flick.   In any event this girl has a TON of movies on the docket for 2011 and is currently in pre production for one in 2012.   She’s classically trained in Shakespeare and she’s pretty cute to boot so there’s potential here.

    Hunter Parrish

    He’s on Weeds and everyone seems to love this guy.  I think that this call is way more speculative than the others on this list but still.   I had to call out someone that was purely a guess.   The chicks seem to like him.

    Eric Balfour

    This guy was brutally bad in 24.  Remember he played Milo?  Well it turns out that Balfour has been around for a pretty long while now.  And despite the fact that Skyline is basically just Independence Day, people are talking about Balfour as being a potential next big action star.  Personally I don’t really think I see it but it’s possible he sold his soul to the devil and might get the spotlight for a while.

    Lily Collins

    It was sort of illegal to find her attractive in The Blindside because she was so young but let’s face it.  This girl is hot.   And with two pretty good roles coming up (Abduction and Romeo and Juliet) this girl has a legitimate shot at stardom.

    Christopher Egan

    A native of Sydney, Australia, Christopher Egan attended high school at Sydney’s McDonald College School of Performing Art and honed his skills at the Sydney Festival Dance School, where he trained in singing, dancing and acting with Kick Performance Group.  This guy might very well be the next Australian “hunk” type of a guy.  Just you wait.



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