Rare Photographs of Celebrities

    November 30, 2010 at 11:30 am

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    The life of celebrities is a crazy one.   I mean when you think about it, the life seems so glamorous and high end doesn’t it?  But with all the glitz a huge price is usually paid.  And that price is privacy.   It’s rare that a celebrity will ever get too many moments to themselves.

    Imagine simply going to dinner with a friend and never being able to call it your own.  It kind of sucks when you really think about it.  Rarely do these people get a moment to themselves, which is why “rare” pictures of celebrities are pretty cool…..

    Check these out

    1. mofo says:

      these pictures are pointless without captions of some kind. i couldn’t recognize half of these

    2. GOODSTUFF says:

      thanks for the blast from the past

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