6 Things Lindsay Lohan Can Do To Rehab Her Image

    November 30, 2010 at 5:00 am

    The kids are alright. Especially Lindsay Lohan. Not talking about her rehab, though that seems to be going well, but her career is just fine. She allegedly has “hundreds of scripts” to choose from when she gets out of Betty Ford.

    Ethan Terra – who is co-owner of Lindsay’s mother Dina’s production company – said: “Lindsay has absolutely no qualms about getting work. She literally has a mountain pile of scripts to choose from. When she is ready, we’d like to see her take on a positive role; she is doing so amazingly well with her recovery.”

    Bad idea. Movie roles are nice and all but it doesn’t fix Lindsay’s image issue. Unless one of those scripts is an Oscar-winner or a superhero flick, it will do little to turn LiLo back into America’s ginger sweetheart.

    Here are six things Lindsay should do before movies.


    A one hour special interview with the queen of women and master of the forgiving universe. All Lindsay has to do is show up (that’s a huge hurdle in her case), answer all of the O’s questions honestly and of course cry her face off at the right moment. An hour in the arms of Oprah and the women and she’ll be a public darling again.

    Dr. Drew

    Not Celebrity Rehab, because they’ll edit it to look like she is crazier than she really is, but a special with Dr. Drew where they just sit down and figure out where the hell it all went wrong. Hell bring her nut bag parents into the session too, since part of this is their fault. Let them just air it all out and possibly come to blows. Also, show her cleaning up, like with the shakes and dry heaves. That would be high-rated TV.

    Glee (Or Something)

    I’m sure Glee wouldn’t touch her because it would drag them down, but LiLo needs to do a popular TV show to get her back into the good graces of Hollywood. Maybe American Idol (teach the contestants about sudden, massive fame) Survivor, Big Brother, or anything that proves she can work a regular schedule and make nice with other people. Cake Boss. That would be hysterical. “Where da hell is all my white fine sugar?!? Linnnndddssaaayyyyy!!!”

    Charity Work

    Even though it’s somewhat tainted, Lohan still has a pretty big name and most likely is still well connected in Hollywood. She she just champion a cause. Didn’t she visit people in Somalia once? Or Utah? Somewhere. Anyway, poor kids, sick kids, cancer research or even helping people in rehab. Pick a charity and spend as much time as possible raising money and awareness. It’s really hard for people to hate a person that’s doing good for others.

    A Traveling Show

    No, not the circus, but LiLo as a lion tamer does seem pretty damn funny. A traveling show much like Conan did before his TBS show. Hit about 20-25 major cities for one night only events. Do like an hour of that stuff she used to call singing (bring on special guests), do a monologue and have a half hour of Q & A with the audience. I’m POSITIVE people would pay top dollar to see that live show. Also, she has to shake hands and kiss babies when the show it over. Every single person that paid money gets a special greeting.


    For about a year, Lindsay should drop off the face of the Earth. No appearances, no interviews, no running for coffee and no going out in public. Maybe move to a remote island or some place people won’t follow after her and snapshot her every moment. Just let the public forget about her for a while and let other teen celebs have the “guess who was coked up and yelling at her lesbian DJ girlfriend last night” spotlight. Smart money is on that Momsen chick.

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