Solving A Rubick’s Cube Would Be More Gratifying If You Could Eat It

    November 26, 2010 at 1:00 pm

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    It’s your birthday. The only day where you’re the center of attention for about eight hours. Unless you share it with another family member or Jesus. Man, a Christmas birthday must suck.

    Anyway, since it’s your day, you’re allowed to make odd demands. There is nothing selfish about asking for a personalized birthday cake. The more involved the cake, the more you’ll discover if people really do care. If you ask for tough cake, and get it, people love you. If you ask for a cake, and get a squared caked from Baskin Robbins, you’re an afterthought.

    This coming birthday I’m asking for a Rubick’s Cube cake, much like those in the gallery below. Let’s see how much people really love me.

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