Darth Vader Costume Gets No Bidders At Auction. Rebel Alliance To Blame.

    November 26, 2010 at 8:00 am

    Every Star Wars nut would love to own a piece of franchise history, like the Darth Vader costume from The Empire Strikes Back, but the price is high with this one (an estimated starting bid of around $250K).

    An original costume of the heavy-breathing “Star Wars” villain didn’t sell at auction Thursday, as Christie’s overestimated the lure of the dark side. Not a single bidder met the reserve price, Christie’s said, forcing the auction house to yank the costume off the block.

    Not a single bidder. How embarrassing for the dark lord. I’m wondering how they showed off the suit. If it was cased in glass up on the stage Christie’s was doing themselves no favors. Star Wars fans need a show. A spectacle. Someone should have worn the costume and terrorized the people in attendance. May sliced off the hand of one of the bidders when they held up a sign. Showmanship!

    Billed by Christie’s as “exceptionally rare,” the costume was put up for auction by an unidentified American collector who had acquired the Darth Vader getup in 2003. A percentage of the proceeds from the auction were earmarked for cancer research.

    Well, way to make us feel awful Christie’s. Why not just put “Star Wars Fans Love Cancer” on a t-shirt? Jerks. Fine, I buy the costume. I’ll get my money’s worth. I’ll wear it New Years Eve, May the 4th and to my son’s wedding.

    The cash is weak with these bidders as no one ponies up for Darth Vader costume at auction– [Daily News]

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