The Best Acting Performances by Christian Bale

    November 23, 2010 at 6:00 am

    I’m gonna go ahead and make a gutsy call here.  I think that Christian Bale is the white Will Smith.  What do you guys think about that?  Seriously.  Give it a moment.  Aside from not being a music or television star and starting off as a rapper, they’re pretty similar.  All jokes aside, they’re both huge action stars now and unfortunately we don’t see these guys in great “acting” roles much anymore.

    I mean Bale is a rugged, pretty big dude who is Batman.  And as such he’s been in other action type movies like Reign of Fire and Terminator Salvation.  By no means is he a type casted actor but Bale is definitely now considered an action star.

    That however, was not always the case.  And I’ve selected seven movie roles that show how good of an actor Bale really is…..

    Empire of the Sun – Jamie Graham

    For some reason people fail to realize that Bale was in this movie.  I think it’s extremely underrated and I think that Bale simple didn’t get enough praise for it.  After all he was just a kid.  And standing toe to toe with John Malkovich in a Steven Spielberg directed movie is no easy task.  He was only 13 for this film.

    American Psycho – Patrick Bateman

    Anyone who is a big fan of Christian Bale would probably consider the role of Patrick Bateman to be their favorite.  To this day people still say things like “I have to go return some video tapes” or “I have a meeting with Cliff Huxtable.”   What a great movie but certainly made much better by the dark, obsessive Bateman character that Bale so finely portrayed.  And Jesus talk about role preparation.  Could he have been more ripped in this movie?  Good Lord.

    Metroland – Chris

    Most people I know haven’t seen this film and I happened to have loved it.  It’s about a suburbanite who realizes how boring his life is when his buddy from the past comes to visit him.  He thinks of a life that once was and explores the idea of living it again.  A free life where he can have sex with women other than his wife.  Bale looks really “British” in this movie but he’s awesome in it. Not that there’s anything wrong with looking British.

    The Prestige – Alfred Borden

    Talk about an awesome movie.   I mean how can you go wrong with Christopher Nolan.  Of all the films they’ve done together this is by far the best Bale has acted.  I mean playing Batman is acting yes, but it doesn’t seem too challenging to lower your voice when you’re in the cape and to be a Playboy when you’re out of it.  In the Prestige he’s playing multiple roles and he was excellent.

    The Machinist – Trevor Reznik

    Losing that much weight is enough to show what kind of dedication Bale had.  It was gross seeing how emaciated he was.  But the movie itself was awesome and Bale nailed his part as basically a neurotic insomniac who barely touches food and tries to make sense of his own life nightmare.  I won’t ruin the entire plot.

    Swing Kids – Thomas Berger

    This movie didn’t become too popular.  I think it was because of the subject matter.  People don’t like seeing Nazi type movies that involve teens.  However, Bale nailed his role as a once swing kid turned Nazi.   It’s a great role for character transformation as you see him move to once party animal to strict Nazi officer.

    *The Fighter – Dickie Eklund

    I’m just making a gutsy call here.   The movie hasn’t come out yet but you can tell that Bale is going to nail this role.   The movie’s based on a true story and Bale had someone he could study off of.  Plus, hair and body transformation yet again.  I feel like Bale loves doing this shit.

    *He was pretty solid in Equilibrium

    1. Suzie says:

      I don’t know about the “white Will Smith” hehe,
      but he is truly an amazing actor.


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