Roger Ebert Lists “Worst Movies Of The Year.” Kind Of.

    November 22, 2010 at 8:00 am

    The funniest thing about the job of blogging (and there are many) is the creation of lists. Anyone can create a list on any topic (For example – 10 Songs That Would Make For A Great Background to Torture) and cultivate the list based solely on personal opinion. That list will often elicit comments from readers (most time anonymously) arguing the bloggers choices before calling him something adorable like “a walking abortion.” Calm down. It’s all entertainment.

    There are the rare occasions when you get a list that is written by an expert in the field. Take this article from movie critic Roger Ebert in which in a round-about way he rattles off the worst movies of the year (or last few years) without actually numbering them in order.
    I’ll let Roger explain….

    Gathered here in one convenient place are my recent reviews that awarded films Two Stars or less. These are, generally speaking to be avoided. Sometimes I hear from readers who confess they are in the mood to watch a really bad movie. If you’re sincere, be sure to know what you’re getting: A really bad movie. Movies that are “so bad they’re good” should generally get two and a half stars. Two stars can be borderline.

    Kind of lazy but still a good idea: people love reading about crappy movies, TV shows and music more than they do good reading about the good choices. Well, at least I do. So let’s go over a couple of Roger’s choices for the worst.

    Life As We Know It. Sex and The City 2. Hatchet 2. The Last Airbender. The Bounty Hunter.

    Come on Roger. You didn’t have to even watching those flicks to know they were going to be the equivalent of dropping a deuce on camera. Actually, I’ve got to really feel bad for you in this regard: it must be awful to know a movie is going to stink but still have to sit through the whole debacle. It would be like taking a woman on a date that you know will eventually light your pants on fire and tag photos of a penis with your name on Facebook when you never call her again. I don’t envy your job at all Roger.

    Click here for the complete list of movies Roger hated. Aside from Kick-Ass, I’d probably have to agree with all of the reviews. Even for the movies I didn’t see. Care to argue with the great Roger Ebert? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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