Garfield Creator Apologies For Ill-Timed Strip Yet Shows No Remorse For Those Terrible Movies

    November 12, 2010 at 8:00 am

    Jim Davis, creator of the Garfield comic, is apologizing for a strip that ran on Veteran’s Day that some might feel is making fun of the holiday and out soldiers. Personally I think he is making a mountain out of a lasagna.

    The strip ran on Veterans Day in newspapers across the country. It shows a spider daring the pudgy orange cat to squash it. The spider tells Garfield that if he is killed, “they will hold an annual day of remembrance in my honor.” The final panel shows a spider-teacher asking its students if they know why spiders celebrate “National Stupid Day.”

    That’s only really offensive to my sense of humor. Davis has an explanation for the strip.

    He said it was written nearly a year ago and called the publication Thursday “the worst timing ever.”

    Wow. Those comics are cranked out over a year in advance? Well I guess when you draw the same characters over and over for 30 years it tends to get pretty damn easy. Crank out twenty strips in a day. Especially when they don’t have to be funny.

    The newspapers are yet to receive any complaints about the comic. Probably because no one reads the newspaper.

    Garfield creator apologizes for ill-timed strip – [Denver Post]

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