Six Awesome Vintage Miller Lite Commercials

    November 11, 2010 at 6:00 am

    Miller Lite Awesome Commercials

    Miller Lite commercials have been a staple on television for nearly 40 years now.  The evolution of Miller Lite has been excellent but the campaign has always remained the same:  Less Filling vs. Taste Great.  It’s impressive that they’ve stuck with that slogan the entire time and yet find new ways to promote it.

    In the 70’s and 80’s it was mostly athletes.  In the 90’s you started seeing more actors and real bar scenes.  Now?  Now it’s the man’s league that has taken over Miller Lite commercials.  And I think John McGinley has done a nice job.

    But here’s to all the classic Miller Lite Commercials.  Enjoy.

    Vintage Bowling

    No respect!

    Mr. Smith and Mr. Butkus

    Seeing Bubba Smith in a polo outfit is all I need here.

    Steinbrenner and Martin

    Personally I like the championship announcement at the end

    ZZ Top

    Just a solid commercial.

    Charo’s Superbowl Coochie Commercial

    Man, whatever happened to her?

    The Unforgettable Cat Fight

    Maybe this isn’t vintage but it had to be in there.  Sorry.  Actually no I’m not sorry at all.



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