I Didn’t Watch Conan. Probably Because I’ve Never Watched Conan.

    November 10, 2010 at 5:00 am

    Conan O'Brien tv show

    An estimated 3 million people watched Conan’s first show on Monday night. Last night’s episode audience probably dropped to half because those missing 1.5 million only tuned in on Monday because the other 1.5 million guilted them into doing so. I’m not one of the 3 million. I’m also not one of the possibly 1.5 million or however many people tuned in the next night.

    I’m wishing Conan the best but I’ll probably only be a once in great while viewer. Don’t get me wrong, I like Conan because he is incredibly smart and witty but also because I feel Letterman has a lost his edge and frankly I’ve always hated Leno. Part of the hates stems from my childhood admiration and obsession with Johnny Carson and the other part stems from my feelings that Leno is just a untalented, overpaid hack (this Leno, not the old pre-Tonight Show Leno. That dude was funny). I want Coco to do well. I want him to beat the other talk shows. I want him to stick it in the Peacock’s face. I’ll just applaud from afar while watching something else at that time a night (that’s if my old a** can stay awake.)

    My real issue is with the talk show format. It’s an idea as interesting and current as professional All-Star games; both revolutionary ideas but with the advent of every other form of media available they’ve become obsolete. Just like I can watch any professional athlete play any moment of the day from any where, if I really cared enough to see Hollywood’s biggest and brightest I’ll just watch them on some other form of entertainment. Especially because by the time the late night talk show comes on I’ve already heard them talk up the movie/book/show/album on twenty other shows, podcasts and websites. I’m sure the next Jen Aniston movie will be just as boring as her ten interviews. Thanks I’d rather catch up on reruns of Venture Brothers. Also, I really don’t like many celebrities. The last thing I want to fall asleep to is them talking about a project they did that I’ll probably not care a whole hell of a lot about.

    I haven’t watched a late night talk show in at least five years. Probably more. I didn’t watch Conan on his original show or on his Tonight Show stint. If something funny happened that I “must see” I just caught the clip online. I’ll probably do the same thing with this new version of the old, old Conan. Anything worth seeing will make it onto Reddit, Fark or Twitter. I’ll see it eventually.

    I’m on Team Coco. I’m just an inactive member.

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