7 Celebrities I Could See Using a Sex Tape To Boost Their Careers

    November 8, 2010 at 6:00 am

    Celebrities use sex tapes to boost career

    This one didn’t pan out

    Let’s face it.  We’ve already seen most of these chicks either naked or semi naked at some point.  Be it through one of those nipple slip shots, or some random upskirt thing, I just don’t see these as being coincidences.  These celebrities know what they’re doing.

    And while I completely respect the amazing acting talent of the Tara Reid‘s of the world, something tells me that we’re not exactly watching out for Tara’s next new movie.  We’re looking for the next alligator bag skin shot of her stomach.

    Sex Tapes have become huge over the last 5-10 years.  Pamela Anderson started the sex tape craze and a new crop of celebrities have got them.  Some sex tapes seem to work (Kim Kardashian) and some seem to repulse us (Dustin Diamond).

    But here are 7 celebrities that I think are destined to release a sex tape to boost their career.   I’ve also put a time estimate on when we’ll probably see one.

    Traci Bingham

    Traci Bingham sex tape

    Can someone tell me what’s going on with Traci Bingham please?  Is she evil?  Whatever happened to the nice Baywatch type girl?  Her face is getting scarier and scarier.  And her boobs are getting louder and louder.  Is a sex tape down the road?  You bet it is.

    Prediction:  Within 2 years or right before her face falls off.

    Katy Perry

    Katy Perry sex tape

    You think all these stage antics are coincidence? Think again. You don’t just dress slutty all the time and fall over things because you’re a moron. Eh, well, maybe you do but let’s just say I think Perry does go out of her way to be a bad girl.  And that she’s on top now the bar is set even higher to keep up.  Marriage?  Sex Tape?  It’ll happen.

    Prediction:  Honeymoon tape is inevitable

    Tara Reid

    Tara Reid sex tape

    There’s not much else to say about Tara Reid anymore. The stomach. Yes, we know. It’s awful. The boobs. Yes, we know. They’re big. How she hasn’t done a sex tape is beyond me.

    Prediction: After I’m done with this post.

    Tila Tequila – Another 5 Tapes

    Tila Tequila sex tape

    How much more can you possibly show on MTV without it actually being porn?  We know she’s a bisexual. We’ve already seen nude shots of her.  Hell we’ve even seen a sex tape.  Only reason I mention her is because I’d like to see more.  She’s done some wrong porn.  I know it.  There’s gotta be at least 50 more sex tapes of her lying around.

    Prediction: As soon as she’s not getting enough attention which should be right around now.

    Katie Price

    Katie Price sex tape

    Is her name Jordan? What the hell is this crap? Who is this woman? Glamour Model and budding singing star huh. Well, she’s been in Playboy and has two kids. She’s married? How there isn’t a sex tape out there already is beyond me.

    Prediction: Within 3 years.

    Jodie Marsh

    Jodie Marsh sex tape

    Does this woman do anything for a living? Are she and Katie Price the same person? She has her own reality show called “Totally Jodie Marsh.” So she’s got that going for her…which is nice.

    Prediction: Within 1 year

    Audrina Patridge

    Audrina Patridge sex tape

    Dancing with the Stars!  I’m so wholesome.  Ehhhh.  I don’t buy it.

    Prediction: The second her looks start to fade. However that won’t be for a while. 10 years.

    1. Krysten M says:

      Tila Tequila..HA! Well, considering the fact she is dating Dave Navarro and they both fell off…I will agree, that’s coming. (NO pun intended).

    2. pharoah says:

      ditto the comments on jordan already having a sex tape. old though it may be. to end ur other confusion, jordan actually also has four kids, not two. and jordan is just her modelling name, her real name is in fact katie price…!! shock horror!! be nice if someone running a site like this actually knew the facts of what they are talking about..??!!!! numpty!!

    3. Anon says:

      Which is exactly why this list, and its poster, is completely retarded.

    4. jonny west says:

      I bet katy pery will be the first to have a blowjob only porn. And I’d also love to see jessica Napalm simpson blowing and boning! Lol

    5. moddyd says:

      Katie Price does have a sex tape.

    6. Katie Price has a sex tape.


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