PM Hot Links – Celeb Surgery, How To Be Funny and Chicks In Jerseys

    November 5, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    Julia Roberts plastic surgery

    Click the photo for 10 female celebs who’ve said no to plastic surgery.

    I love the idea that celebs “said no” to plastic surgery. As if a doctor was chasing them around the house with a scalpel all while they were yelling “get away” as the theme to Benny Hill played in the background. Maybe they chose not to get surgery or botox because a) they don’t need it and b) they end up looking worse after the fact. No one ever says “oh BLANK got surgery. He or she looks great!” unless that person was originally less attractive and this made them more attractive. Yeah, I’m still giggling at the Benny Hill music too.

    No one needs work on the EgoTV Facebook page.

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      If you wrote an artlice about life we\’d all reach enlightenment.

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