The Nine Cockiest Video Game Characters of All Time

    November 4, 2010 at 6:00 am

    Nine cockiest video game characters

    As a culture, we seem to be drawn to “cocky” people. As such, this translates directly into video games. Some of the most popular video game characters, whether they are heroes or villains, have been cocky bastards. In honor of these self-aggrandizing *ssholes, here is a list of the 9 cockiest video game characters of all time.

    9. Brucie Kibbutz

    Cocky Brucie Kibbutz

    Brucie Kibbutz is a character in GTA IV. He’s your typical frat-guy jerkoff. Brucie’s conversation topics only include: his loads of money, his great looks, his pecs, cars, and his exploits with hot women. Even when he accompanies Niko on a mission, he does little more than jibber jabber about how great he is.

    8. Hwoarang

    Cocky Hwoarang

    Hwoarang is a character in the Tekken franchise. This Tekken character is a Korean gang leader, and an expert in Tae Kwon Do. Howarang makes his living–as most Koreans do–by hustling in street fights. His flamboyant fighting style and post-victory remarks show his lack of respect for opponents. His ego takes a hit when he fights Jin Kazama to a draw. Avenging this single event becomes his entire purpose in the franchise.

    7. M. Bison

    Cocky M. Bison

    M. Bison is a character in the Street Fighter II franchise. Strongman Bison runs a crime syndicate with a pipe dream to rule the world. Nobody said he was original, though he compensates for his run-of-the-mill desires with his flamboyant dress. He also runs a street fighting tournament. Oddly, Bison is oblivious to or uninterested in the fact  that half the contestants have a personal vendetta against him. He, like all great evil geniuses, underestimates his enemies.

    6. Donkey Kong

    Cocky Donkey Kong

    Donkey Kong is a little-known character from an obscure 1980s arcade game. Sure, he’s not so overtly cocky, like some of the others on the list. But, what makes this big ape think he can keep Mario’s girl just by throwing barrels down in a repeating pattern? Kong arrogantly watches Mario navigate each level from atop his perch. Just as Mario reaches the top, Kong grabs the girl and climbs to the next level. Dick.

    5. Don Flamenco

    Cocky Don Flamenco
    Don Flamenco is a character from Mike Tyson’s Punchout/Punchout. With his fanfare and comments and a rose in his mouth, one would think Little Mac was in for a fight. It’s just not the case. You face Don Flamenco twice, but neither is a challenge.

    4. Augustus Cole

    Cocky Augustus Cole

    Augustus Cole is a character in the Gears of War franchise. He is a Thrashball player turned soldier. He’s loud, violent and loves speaking in the third person… a lot. He also takes down an entire planet full of aliens with a minimum of help. With that in mind, his cockiness might be warranted.

    3. Sinistar

    Cocky Sinistar

    Video games in 1982 were far different than the over-produced, movie-like blockbusters we see now. Sinistar was one of the first games I can remember that included sound effects that were more elaborate than the noises your computer makes when it powers up. Sinistar speaks in a digitized voice (one of seven phrases), and he is one cocky bastard. Once worker ships feed this space junkie his 20 Sinisite Crystals, he not only assaults you with his giant head, but also with his mouth. “I am Sinistar!” “Run, Coward!” Even as you take it to him, he never stops.

    2. Nathan Drake

    Cocky Nathan Drake

    Nathan Drake is the main character from the Uncharted franchise. He is the closest approximation of Indiana Jones and Han Solo we’ve seen in a video game character–probably as close as the developers could get without landing in court. He loves treasure, has a quick wit, and clearly understands the five o’ clock shadow-to-sarcasm ratio. I mean, the guy hurls himself from cliff to cliff without even so much as a whip, a leather jacket, or Shia Labeof.

    1. Duke Nukem

    Cocky Duke Nukem

    Duke Nukem; he’s kind of the Christopher Columbus of over the top alpha-male characters in video games (minus the ethnic cleansing, unless you count aliens as an ethnicity). He gave the FPS a personality. Duke is armed with an arsenal of current and futuristic weapons, along with an even larger cache of one liners, either inspired by–or directly borrowed from–80’s action movies and other popular films. Duke’s creators made him into a cross between the Governator (think Commando & Predator) and Brian Bosworth, sporting sunglasses and generally sans shirt. Duke Nukem reminds us that it’s fun to kick ass (if you’re out of bubblegum), but it’s more fun to do it with an attitude.

    Did we miss some? Discuss below. Do it now!

    1. Anon says:

      Come on… how can you leave off the dog from Duck Hunt. That snickering jerk.

    2. jamie says:

      tank demspey from the Nazi Zombie mini game from call of duty made by treyarch………………….cmon who ever calls something they are killing “bone sucking maggots whores” has to be in the top 10!

    3. Seriously? You faIled to include Dante from Devil May Cry. I was expecting him to be #1, though after seeing Duke maybe #2. Would’ve made it an even top 10 also.

    4. BIZAP_MF says:

      I can’t believe Falco isn’t on this list. Or Vega. Not legit.

    5. paul says:

      well brucie was absolutely hilarious.


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