Looks like You DO Care About Your Weight: Four Hypocrits of Weight Loss

    November 3, 2010 at 6:00 am

    Jennifer Love Hewitt bikini

    You know what I would respect more than anything in the Hollywood community?  A woman who was very much overweight and stayed that way for at least 20 years.   That way most of this hypocritical crap about “I’m happy with my weight” would stop.  If you were so happy with your weight you’d have stayed fat.

    Don’t get me wrong.  I love all the weight loss stories.  And I love encouraging people to be healthy.  But please for the love of God don’t pretend that your being big doesn’t bother you.  It does.  Period.  Hollywood is one of the most pressure filled places out there and to say that being overweight doesn’t trouble you is a lie.

    Want some proof?   Here are four celebrities who have completely gone opposite to what they once said….

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Jennifer Love Hewitt hypocrit of weight loss

    2008 – “What I should be doing is celebrating some of the best days of my life and my engagement to the man of my dreams, instead of having to deal with photographers taking invasive pictures from bad angles. … Like all women out there should, I love my body,” wrote Hewitt, who shimmied around in her skivvies as a star of Hanes’ ad campaign.

    Remember this?  Does anyone remember this?  I sure as hell do.  Now?  Now Jennifer Love Hewitt is being praised for her weight loss.  Umm, I thought she didn’t care?  Clearly the media and everyone else got to her.  Please don’t pretend it doesn’t matter.  It does.  And Jennifer, you know you love how hot you are so why even bother pretending.  Own up to the fact that you were fat and not happy about it.

    Tyra Banks

    Tyra Banks hypocrit of weight loss

    2007 – Tyra Banks is People Magazine’s covergirl this week, fighting back against the tabloids for mocking her after gaining 30 pounds. The ex-model is happy with her post-model size and claims, “If I had lower self-esteem, I would probably be starving myself right now.” At 5′10″, 161 lbs., and with “all the self-esteem installed in me, the criticism still hurts.”

    Really?   If I had to take a guess I would say that Banks is now approaching anorexia.  Have you seen her lately?  And you have great “self esteem?”  Yeah maybe a couple of years ago when you thought it was cool to be large in that one piece bathing suit.  Obviously people got to you and you never really liked it.

    Jennifer Hudson

    Jennifer Hudson hypocrit of weight loss

    About 2 years ago – “For the most part, I’ve been asked to stay the same [size] — ‘This is your image, this is who you are, you should stay here,’ which is fine with me,” Hudson said.

    Um.  I don’t think so.  Now you’re a size 6 from a 16 and are talking about shaving your head?  I’m pretty sure you’re new “career” of talking about your weight loss isn’t bothering you one bit.

    Kelly Osbourne

    Kelly Osbourne hypocrit of weight loss

    “I took more hell for being fat than I did for being an absolute raging drug addict. I will never understand that,” rocker Ozzy’s daughter told Us Weekly. The 5-foot-2 Osbourne said she once weighed “almost 160” pounds but lost 42 pounds. She also recalled walking down the street and, “some horrible obnoxious teenager screamed out a car window to me, ‘You’re fat!’ I went to my parents [Sharon and Ozzy] bawling, ‘I would rather be called ugly than be called fat!'”

    Clearly the days of partying and looking like a grunge laden lazy bum are over.  I must admit that Osbourne looks pretty damned good but a few years ago she didn’t give a rat’s ass.  I’m glad she grew up.  She’s actually a hyprocrit in a good way as opposed to the former three.

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