20 Things You Should Think You Know About: Justin Bieber

    October 29, 2010 at 11:00 am

    20 Things About Justin Bieber

    Super-fans think they know everything about their favorite stars. They don’t know the half of it. Now they do. Here are facts about your favorite celebs you never knew: and you should be glad.

    Today’s Subject: Justin Bieber

    1. Loves sweeping the floor with his hair.
    2. Gets really nervous before concerts and usually wets his mom’s bed.
    3. Is allergic is talent.
    4. Favorite fast food restaurant is Burger King because he likes to get the fake crown and put it around his waist.
    5. Starting his own line of female nail polish. Not joking. See.
    6. Hopes to make enough money to go to nursing school.
    7. Eats raw meat.
    8. Wrote the book Eye of the Needle when he was 7 months old.
    9. His idols are Usher and Kristy McNichol.
    10. Thinks Outsourced is hilarious.
    11. Asks girls to touch his Twitter and giggles.
    12. Turn down the lights, turn down the bed. Turn down these voices, inside my head.
    13. Thinks he is Asian.
    14. Discovered on YouTube after posting a video of a dog biting his nuts.
    15. Wants to be famous some day, like, Jarod from Subway famous.
    16. Caught making out with the opening act for his tour. Told everyone he wasn’t gay yo.
    17. Will celebrate his forty-second birthday this year.
    18. Is his own favorite lesbian singer.
    19. Hates landscapers.
    20. Has a birthmark between his legs that looks like a penis.
    1. Paige says:

      You are mean hoo ever made thes lies abot Justin that say stuf that he nevr would do!

    2. Name says:

      aww, this is fucking pathetic.. What makes people think he’s gay? If he wasn’t famous, he wont have any haters. proof that haters hate on him because they’re jealous. You’re just a stereotype.. If noone hates on him, I’m sure you wouldn’t too.

    3. Get A Life,
      Im A JB Fan And I Love Him’
      &nd’ You Needa Back Off You Are
      Just Jealous Cause He Has All The
      Girls You Never Had,
      That’s Why Most Guys Dont Like
      Him ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
      &nd’ If You Are A Girl And Wrote That
      Your Just A Hater, !

    4. larry1952 says:

      not funny and very mean-spirited – this is a kid your making fun of

    5. sarah says:

      you only want to be him thats why you try to get dirt on him like i said leave him alone

    6. Me says:

      im not a fan of justin-a beiber, but at least make it realistic, bullshit

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