PM Hot Links – Celebrity Endorsements, Charlie Sheen and Halloween Cartoons

    October 27, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    Lionel Ritchie celebrity endorsement

    Click the photo for 7 products to never buy because of the celebs that endorse them.

    Does anyone ever really believe that a celebrity uses a product before becoming a spokesperson? Perhaps on a couple occasions but for the most part I’m sure it’s money that really seals the deal. Money will make a celeb put their face on a box, name on a product and told the whole world “yes, I need pee pee pills to make my pecker pucker”. For example, Lionel Ritchie has never eaten one of those chips and Katy Perry doesn’t really have a zit problem. Even if she did, I’d find a way to get over it. “Dear Katy, I love your pimpled face. Do me.” Too forward?

    Every celebrity endorses the EgoTV Facebook page.

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