Look, I Just Sell The Movie Tickets Man

    October 27, 2010 at 5:00 am

    Selling movie tickets

    “There is a long ass line behind you dude, and seriously, if you don’t pick a…”
    “Two for Conviction? Ok that’s gonna be….”
    “Have I seen Conviction? No. It’s with the chick that played the dude. Not Tyler Perry. Did you say that because I’m black?”

    “Red? All I know is that it was based on a comic book. I don’t see all these movies sir, I’m just working the ticket booth. No, I can afford to see the movies, I just don’t choose to see the movies. No, I don’t sneak in, I’m usually stuck in this damn booth all eight hours dealing with dic..”

    “You’re lucky my manager walked by….”

    “Of course people have been buying tickets to Jackass 3D. It’s a huge movie. Please don’t lecture me about the viewing habits of the American consumer I’m wearing a polo shirt that belongs to one of the janitors because I forgot mine and the last thing I need is to hear your opinion about movies and…well why the hell did you come to the movies?!?”

    “If you don’t buy a ticket soon I’ll be forced to charge you for 10 tickets to that Katherine Heigl piece of crap and try explaining that charge to your credit card company.”

    “Two tickets to It’s Kind of a Funny story. $16 dollars please. You’re not a student. First off, you’re about fifty because you asked me about “that FaceSpace” movie and secondly this isn’t even a student ID it’s a Sam’s Club card.”

    “Sir, you write in that checkbook and I will stab you with the pen. I don’t need this job and I will go to juvy again. It wasn’t so bad.”

    “Don’t forget your 3-D glasses. You won’t need it for the movie, I just want it to appear as if I’m giving you three middle fingers.”

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