10 Reasons I Wish I Was At Comic-Con Right Now

    October 14, 2010 at 7:34 am


    As all lonely men know,  Comic-Con is the most prestigious event of its kind. I actually attempted to go for the first time this year, only to learn that you can’t buy tickets to Comic-Con 36 hours before it starts.  So while I sat at home, jealous of my nerd brethren who’ll get to stare at moonlighting strippers dressed as Power Girl and Psylocke, I drew together this list of 10 things I most want to see at any Comic-Con show. I’ll have to gather this important news off the geek underground (the entire internet) but if you’re lucky enough to ever go to one, enjoy! And stop following Batgirl.  She has a boyfriend.

    1. DC Universe Online


    The long awaited multi-player online role playing game finally launches in November on the PS3 and Windows, but this year’s show gave us the best look yet. The game promises to be totally immersing and unlike anything DC Comics fans have ever witnessed. Plus, it’s being overseen by legendary comic artist (and DC Co-Publisher) Jim Lee. I’ll finally get to experience racing up the side of a building along side The Flash, instead of my normal routine of getting flashed by that hobo outside the building I work at. Actually, that’s not so bad. It’s nice to have the attention.

    2. Green Lantern- The Movie


    Last week, Green Lantern fans across the globe finally got a peek at the CGI costume actor Ryan Reynolds will be sporting in next summer’s film, and it was… strange. It looked like a glowing green version of those skinned cadavers that they put up in science museums (and my uncle’s basement). Although it’s certainly a change from the classic comic design, I kind of dig the charged up energy feel the suit has, and I’m holding off my judgment for some live action footage – which this weekend’s Comic-Con-goers might have a shot at seeing.

    3. Marvel Digital Comics

    Marvel Digital Comics have been around for several years now, but the release of Apple’s IPad has changed the game completely. The idea of being able to quickly enjoy your monthly comic fix from anywhere, anytime, and without a cumbersome laptop, makes digital comics practical and appealing for the first time ever. Marvel was ahead of the game on this one, leaving DC to catch up. Hopefully Marvel will use this year’s Comic-Con to announce the release of some older, out of print comics online.

    4. Family Guy’s Return of the Jedi Parody


    “Family Guy” has already scored big with its first two Star Wars spoofs, and its take on Return of the Jedi promises to be hilarious. Although it won’t be released on DVD till the fall, fans at this years SDCC will get a look at footage in advance. I’m only wondering what awful humiliation Family Guy’s writers will put poor Meg Griffen through this time.

    5. Marvel Studios

    Marvel Comics has several of their properties in film development for the summer of 2011, and the one I’m most looking forward to is Captain America. The casting seems very solid, and if director Joe Johnston can find the same tone he used for his film The Rocketeer, it’ll deliver. There’s more likely to be footage from Marvel’s Thor at this years Comic-Con (it was further along in development), but hopefully Marvel will give fans a look at ol’ Cap kicking Nazi ass across Europe.

    6. Batman: The Return

    With director Chris Nolan still basking in Inception glow, we’ll have wait a while to see what he has planned for his third Batman film. In the meantime, the Batman line of comic titles have been rocking out hard for the last year, and with Bruce Wayne soon to return from “death,” there’s a lot of great story potential for 2011. My biggest question regards current Batman & Robin writer Grant Morrison. It’s already been announced he’s leaving that title, and after four years of him guiding the franchise, I’m eager to see his next step. I’m guessing he’ll write an all new ongoing Batman series, bring DC’s monthly total to about a dozen. It’s OK, DC. I DON’T NEED TO EAT OR ANYTHING!

    7. Glee (Just to See What It’s Doing at Comic-Con)

    Glee? Why the fuck is Glee at Comic-Con? Look, I’m sure it’s a fine show with a devoted fanbase. As Fox shows go, it probably has better writing then my departed favorite, 24. But why is it at Comic-Con? Call me old fashioned, but in my day we kept the stage geeks far away from the comic book geeks, and we were happier for it. You’re putting an even bigger target on us for the jocks, Glee! Go hide in your own locker!

    8. The Venture Brothers

    For its first three seasons, this animated show featuring a family of scientist adventurers and their badass bodyguard Brock was about the most awesomely funny thing on TV. Then season four came along and it… well nobody’s perfect. It still had all the fantastic obscure comic book/sci-fi/David Bowie references it’s fans had come to love, even if I was scratching my head more then laughing. I’m confident that a little time off was what the producers needed to get Hank, Dean and the gang back to full steam, and I can’t wait to see what they deliver at Comic-Con.

    9. Marvel’s Surprise Announcement

    In 2009, Marvel Comics stole every last bit of convention thunder by announcing they had gained the publishing rights to the legendary character Marvelman, who was first created in the U.K in 1954 and had long been out of sight due to an insanely complex web of copyright issues. Of course, still tangled up are the reprint rights to the Marvelman comics every fan is dying for… the 80’s and 90’s stories written by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman. Wild rumor indicates Marvel may finally have unlocked the rights to collect these books, which are rare and expensive on the back issue market. It’s unlikely, but we can dream. Of course, it could be that Marvel’s big 2010 surprise turns out to be an apology for every comic they published in 1993. That would be nice. Actually, DC should apologize for ‘93 too. Multiple Holo-foil Cover Limited Edition Issue my ass.

    10. The Quantum Leap Retrospective

    What I’ll most regret missing at this year’s Comic-Con is the special event celebrating the 52nd greatest TV show of all time, Quantum Leap. Technically, it has little to do with comics, but try telling me you didn’t tear up a bit at the last episode when you learned that Dr. Sam Beckett never did return home. It’s about goddamn time this masterpiece got some recognition. And if I had bought my ticket to Comic-Con a year ago, I could have gotten to meet The Evil Leaper! Or at least a 250 pound drag queen dressed up as The Evil Leaper. It would have been something.

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