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There are plenty of fish in the sea, they say. And yet, we complain about having no friends to hang out with on weekends, no partner in life or not much friends on Facebook. The fact is, there ARE tons—in fact, too many—people in many places around the world, we’re definitely just not looking enough! Let the photos below speak for us… and for your claustrophobic selves. Seriously, how many heads could there be in one photo? Each one left us literally breathless! Let us know in the comments which one made you feel lightheaded.

1. Pope’s Sunday mass in Copacabana Beach

pope's sunday mass in copacabana beach

2. Seoul Korea World Cup

 seoul world cup

3. Traffic jam in Taiwan

taiwan traffic jam

4. Tomorrowland Festiv

tomorrowland festival

5. Woodstock, 1969

woodstock, 1969

6. Wrestling match in India

wrestling match in india


7. Chinese swimming pool

chinese swimming pool

8. Diner en blanc in Paris

diner en blanc, paris

9. Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary

golden gate bridge 75th anniv

10. The Great Wall of China

great wall of china

11. Market in Nigeria

nigerian market

12. Railway in Bangladesh

bangladesh railway

13. NY Giants football game

NY giants football game


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