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  • It's Groundhog Day!

    It’s Groundhog Day!

    Happy Groundhog Day!

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  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! You’re probably busily preparing your Thanksgiving meal (or watching football while someone else does that), so take a quick second to make sure you got everything on the list for this Thanksgiving:

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  • Whachoo Know 'Bout Yogurt

    Whachoo Know ‘Bout Yogurt

    I didn’t realize how much Yogurt can actually do for you. For example, in this video you’ll learn that yogurt can make you a douchebag who can hardly do push-ups. Yogurt can also make you really good at a menial, low-paying job that most people take because they’re at their wit’s...

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  • Canada: Evil Empire or 3rd World Country?

    Canada: Evil Empire or 3rd World Country?

    Before you get all up-in-arms about defending Canada (people do that, right?), you should know that this video is not serious. It’s supposed to be satirical and comedic, so just sit back, relax, and enjoy this clueless redneck dude ripping on Canada for 8 minutes. You’ll be hard pressed to...

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  • Never Piss Off a Rhino

    Never Piss Off a Rhino

    There’s a reason why you never see people (or animals) messing with rhinos. It’s not because they’re built like Nature’s panzer tanks, and it’s not because they aren’t afraid of anything. It’s because when they get mad at you, bad things happen. The next time...

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  • A Montage of Twin Tower Cameos in Movies

    We’re just a few days away from the 10th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, during which every single person in the entire world watched New York City‘s twin towers topple to the ground in the aftermath of two simultaneous plane hijackings. During their time as the crown...

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  • What It’s Really Like to Work in a Music Store

    You’d think working in a music store would be awesome, right? Everybody’s really chill and relaxed, and people just come in and talk to you about guitars, drums, and keyboards all day. Sounds pretty awesome to me! What you might not realize is that there are a lot of really crappy musicians...

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  • If Everything in the Solar System Orbited Earth

    If Everything in the Solar System Orbited Earth

    Here’s an interesting video from that illustrates the size of some of the other planets in our solar system. This video realizes the question: “what if the other planets in the solar system orbited Earth at the same distance that the moon does?” We all know that Jupiter...

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  • London Riot Tourism Video

    The UK’s tourism marketing organization, VisitBritain, created a multi-million dollar ad campaign featuring a montage of beautiful places in the UK coupled with voiceovers from a host of famous Brits like Rupert Everett and Dame Judy Dench. In the wake of the ongoing riots that are burning London...

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  • This is How You Skydive from One Plane to Another Plane

    It’s so easy! Step 1: Be absolutely insane. Step 2: Jump out of a plane. Step 3: Somehow glide into another plane.  

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