• Donkey Punch on Jeopardy

    Donkey Punch on Jeopardy

    I guess we know what kind of videos this Jeopardy contestant watches on his study breaks.

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  • Snakes Can Climb Walls

    Snakes Can Climb Walls

    If you weren’t already creeped out by snakes, you should be know. NOBODY IS SAFE!

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  • Our Sun is Pathetic

    Our Sun is Pathetic

    You might think our sun is pretty big. After all, you can fit a million Earths inside of our sun. But on a universal scale, the sun is a little runt. There are things much, much, MUCH bigger than the sun out there.

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  • Amazing Game-Winning Buzzer Beater

    Amazing Game-Winning Buzzer Beater

    Where’s the last place you’d expect to see amazing feats of athletic ability? If you said “a high school girls’ basketball game”, then you’re absolutely right. Nonetheless, Katie Powell of Pekin High School in Illinois didn’t get the memo that girls’ basketball...

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  • Hello


    This video must have taken FOREVER to make. Someone grabbed clips from countless movies to remake Lionel Richie’s “Hello”, a classic love song that has no business being remade. Nonetheless, this is an incredible work of montage genius. Check it out for yourself, and prepare to be amazed...

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  • Sh*t Birds Say

    Sh*t Birds Say

    I’m so freakin’ tired of all of these “Sh*t _____ Say” videos that people keep making. Here’s a tip for anyone who’s still considering making one of these videos: NOBODY CARES ABOUT WHATEVER STUPID LITTLE NICHE YOU WANT TO MAKE FUN OF. If your video is funny to more...

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  • Don’t Ever Talk to Your Little Brother

    Don’t Ever Talk to Your Little Brother

    This guy told his little brother that he’d throw $125 in the air and whatever his brother caught, he could keep. His brother caught $57. This is why you shouldn’t ever talk to your little brother. EVER.

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  • Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom Trailer

    Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom Trailer

    Here’s the trailer for Wes Anderson’s upcoming movie, Moonrise Kingdom. It looks…Wes Anderson-y.

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  • The Samsung Smart Window

    The Samsung Smart Window

    You know how you’re always standing there staring outside and wishing you could check your email without having to move at all? Well guess what? NOW YOU CAN!!!!!

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  • Jimmy Fallon as Tebowie

    Jimmy Fallon as Tebowie

    In case you missed Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last Thursday, Jimmy Fallon introduced Tebowie, and awesome combo of David Bowie and Tim Tebow. Basically, it’s just Jimmy Fallon dressed as David Bowie and changing the words of a Bowie song to be about Tim Tebow. So it’s a little bit David...

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