• Dope Zebra

    Dope Zebra

    This Zebra is dope.

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  • Party Rock Anthem + MS Paint

    Party Rock Anthem + MS Paint

    Somebody made a literal translation of Party Rock Anthem using MS Paint. As you’ll see, they pretty much nailed it.

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  • 8-Year Old Girl Does Hardcore

    8-Year Old Girl Does Hardcore

    This is Juliet, an 8-year old Australian girl who just made her first hardcore video. Of course, I’m talking about hardcore rock music. What did you think I meant?

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  • Dogs Barking the Imperial March

    Dogs Barking the Imperial March

    This is apparently an advertisement for Volkswagen, although I see no correlation between dogs, Star Wars, and the German auto industry. Nonetheless, this video of dogs barking the Imperial March from Star Wars is totally awesome. It’s probably faked or doctored in some way (those barks are probably...

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  • The Icy Hot Prank Gone Wrong

    The Icy Hot Prank Gone Wrong

    Someone switched his jerk off lotion out for Icy Hot. This is why you should never pull a prank on someone in the military. Those people are not used to having a sense of humor, and they FREAK THE F OUT. This clip feels like a deleted scene from Full Metal Jacket.

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  • Donkey Punch on Jeopardy

    Donkey Punch on Jeopardy

    I guess we know what kind of videos this Jeopardy contestant watches on his study breaks.

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  • Snakes Can Climb Walls

    Snakes Can Climb Walls

    If you weren’t already creeped out by snakes, you should be know. NOBODY IS SAFE!

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  • Our Sun is Pathetic

    Our Sun is Pathetic

    You might think our sun is pretty big. After all, you can fit a million Earths inside of our sun. But on a universal scale, the sun is a little runt. There are things much, much, MUCH bigger than the sun out there.

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  • Amazing Game-Winning Buzzer Beater

    Amazing Game-Winning Buzzer Beater

    Where’s the last place you’d expect to see amazing feats of athletic ability? If you said “a high school girls’ basketball game”, then you’re absolutely right. Nonetheless, Katie Powell of Pekin High School in Illinois didn’t get the memo that girls’ basketball...

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  • Hello


    This video must have taken FOREVER to make. Someone grabbed clips from countless movies to remake Lionel Richie’s “Hello”, a classic love song that has no business being remade. Nonetheless, this is an incredible work of montage genius. Check it out for yourself, and prepare to be amazed...

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