• Great Britain vs. UK vs. England

    Great Britain vs. UK vs. England

    This video explains the difference between Great Britain, the UK, and England. It’s pretty confusing, so I’m glad someone finally tried to clear it up. Also, WTF is up with Ireland?

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  • Crazy Cat is Crazy

    Crazy Cat is Crazy

    This cat. He is crazy. That’s why his name is crazy cat.

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  • Counterstrike Meets ‘The Office’

    Counterstrike Meets ‘The Office’

    Somebody made a Counterstrike level based on the NBC television show ‘The Office’. Pretty good! Just wish there were some bad guys to blow away, and that you could make your character look like Dwight Schrute.

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  • The Higher Education Bubble

    The Higher Education Bubble

    Many industry professionals have been speculating that we’re due for another bubble burst, meaning we’re going to see another industry tank soon, just like the tech bubble and the housing market bubble did recently. They’re suggesting that the next bubble to burst is going to be the...

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  • If Moby Dick was Written Today

    If Moby Dick was Written Today

    Moby Dick is often considered the greatest American novel ever written. I guess that’s true, if you’re into whales. But could it have been published today? That’s exactly the question that the sketch comedy group The Skinny Goodmans tried to answer with this video, which features Herman...

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  • 10 Misconceptions

    10 Misconceptions

    This great video clears up 10 common misconceptions that most people believe. Drop some science on someone the next time you’re at a party and they tell you Eskimos have 1000 words for snow.

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  • We Bought a Jail!

    We Bought a Jail!

    Here’s an awesome supercut of “We Bought a Zoo” and Shawshank Redemption that makes it look like Matt Damon bought a prison. Like I said, it’s awesome.

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  • Rap News: Australia Day

    Rap News: Australia Day

    Here’s a brief video that outlines the history of Australia through rap, because we all love rap, right?

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  • A Montage of Awesome Marriage Proposals

    A Montage of Awesome Marriage Proposals

    There was a time when guys didn’t have to try so hard with marriage proposals. The only way you could be outdone was if your girlfriend’s friend’s fiance did a great job and she heard about it. Now, with the introduction of Youtube, it’s possible for guys to be out-proposed by...

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  • Yoda is Doing Commercials Now

    Yoda is Doing Commercials Now

    I don’t know how I feel about Yoda being featured in this UK Vodaphone commercial.

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