• The Most Ridiculous Fork Lift Video Ever

    The Most Ridiculous Fork Lift Video Ever

    Some guy’s boss had him make a forklift safety video for work. This is what he made. His boss loved it. Best boss ever?

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  • Sh*t Samuel L Jackson Says

    Sh*t Samuel L Jackson Says

    Will we ever get tired of this already-tired internet trend? Will there ever be a good one? ‘Maybe’ to all of those questions.

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  • Snoring Mouse

    Snoring Mouse

    This little guy was found tucked away in an underground burrow. Even cute little mice can suffer from sleep apnea. Do they make tiny breathe-right strips?

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  • Ferris Bueller 2 in 2012?

    Ferris Bueller 2 in 2012?

    These days, Hollywood only churns out remakes and sequels. We all know that, and for the most part we’ve accepted it at this point. But there are some movies that have been deserving of sequels for 20 years now. Goonies deserves an awesome sequel (it’s rumored that one was made but never...

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  • A Backflip a Day in 2011

    A Backflip a Day in 2011

    This kid’s dad bet him $100 that he couldn’t do one backflip every day in 2011. The kid did it and videotaped it. Then he got $100 at the end of the year, so now he can pay for the severe spinal damage that comes along with 365 backflips.

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  • Great Britain vs. UK vs. England

    Great Britain vs. UK vs. England

    This video explains the difference between Great Britain, the UK, and England. It’s pretty confusing, so I’m glad someone finally tried to clear it up. Also, WTF is up with Ireland?

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  • Crazy Cat is Crazy

    Crazy Cat is Crazy

    This cat. He is crazy. That’s why his name is crazy cat.

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  • Counterstrike Meets ‘The Office’

    Counterstrike Meets ‘The Office’

    Somebody made a Counterstrike level based on the NBC television show ‘The Office’. Pretty good! Just wish there were some bad guys to blow away, and that you could make your character look like Dwight Schrute.

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  • The Higher Education Bubble

    The Higher Education Bubble

    Many industry professionals have been speculating that we’re due for another bubble burst, meaning we’re going to see another industry tank soon, just like the tech bubble and the housing market bubble did recently. They’re suggesting that the next bubble to burst is going to be the...

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  • If Moby Dick was Written Today

    If Moby Dick was Written Today

    Moby Dick is often considered the greatest American novel ever written. I guess that’s true, if you’re into whales. But could it have been published today? That’s exactly the question that the sketch comedy group The Skinny Goodmans tried to answer with this video, which features Herman...

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