• Fat Athlete Photos

    Fat Athlete Photos

    There are a lot of fat athletes in professional sports these days. Some of them get fat in the off-season, some of them are wrestlers who use their obesity as a weapon, and some of them are baseball players, but some fat athletes are just plain fat. As proof, we offer up this gallery of incredibly fat...

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  • Photos Of Jesus Playing Sports

    Photos Of Jesus Playing Sports

    Jesus could’ve been one of the greatest athletes of all time but he chose to throw it all away dying for other people’s sins, turning water into wine and don’t even get me started on the whole Noah’s Ark fiasco. You know what, I take back the sentence I just wrote. Sure it would’ve...

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  • Funny Bullfighting Photos

    Funny Bullfighting Photos

    A bull has officially been charged with its third murder in 10 years. The murder took place in Spain, where it’s a national pastime to piss of an angry bull and then avoid it while it tries to kill you for fun. We call it “animal cruelty”, but they refer to it as “bullfighting”....

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  • The Worst Costumes In Pro Wrestling History

    The Worst Costumes In Pro Wrestling History

    I remember the good old days of pro wrestling when wrestlers used to have parrots, snakes and they ate parts of the ring after a victory. These days most pro wrestlers don’t wear costumes and some of them have human names. It’s sickening.

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  • Wrigley Field Urinal Trough Dive

    Wrigley Field Urinal Trough Dive

    Nothing like an afternoon baseball game and taking a dive in some pee.  Refreshing!

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  • The Worst Hair Cuts in Sports History

    The Worst Hair Cuts in Sports History

    Having a bad haircut can ruin a person’s life. It renders them virtually undateable and the spend their entire lives dating people way below their standards. Well, unless they have a cute puppy with them at all times. Cute puppies trump bad hair.

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  • Extreme Running

    Extreme Running

    Running is always extreme when you’re fat.

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  • The Funniest Joe Paterno Photoshops

    The Funniest Joe Paterno Photoshops

    Timeless Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno was the victim of a sideline mugging this week by one of his own players which resulted in injuries to his arm and hip. Sure some might see it as the final straw and proof that he needs to retire, but I disagree. The reason I disagree is because I believe...

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  • Soccer Announcer Sings

    Soccer Announcer Sings

    It may be in some foreign language, but it’s still hilarious.  He sings, he scores!

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  • Worst Baseball Announcer

    Worst Baseball Announcer

    He does not know anything about baseball.  Who hired this guy?!

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